5 Types of SnowEx Salt Spreaders for All Walks of Life

snowex truck bed mounted spreaders Self-explanatory in their very nature, salt spreaders are devices that are used to distribute varying amounts of salt to areas that are covered with ice and snow to promote melting. This makes roads, parking lots, sidewalks, and other areas safer and more accessible for pedestrians and drivers.

One of top brands in the industry, SnowEx salt spreaders come in a variety of styles and types ranging from the simple walk-behinds to the truck bed models. The type of SnowEx salt spreader you choose really depends on your needs and budget. Below we review the five primary models of SnowEx salt spreaders for all walks of life.

Walk Behind Spreader  walk snowex spreader

This piece of machinery is ideal for individuals who would like to safeguard small sidewalks. The walk behind salt spreaders are the perfect fit size and shape for this type of project. While spreading salt from this particular spreader is not automated like other types, the walk-behinds can easily fit into the smaller spaces and can finish off the edges near your garage doors as well as front doors, ensuring that your family and friends can come and go safely. They usually carry around two cubic feet of rock salt.

Truck Bed Mounted Spreadertruck bed spreader snowex

Truck bed mounted spreaders are considered to be one of the most popular products models for individuals who are contractors and ice control and commercial snow professionals. This is because the truck bed mounts come in various sizes and configurations. They can be used for almost any application, and when you need to make repairs, it’s easy to find replacement SnowEx salt spreader parts for this product type.

Tailgate Spreader

Tailgate spreaders work best for parking lots and driveways that need to be salted as a follow up to their regular plowing. These types of spreaders are versatile and come in a large range of sizes. They can hold four to eight cubic feet of rock salt. The tailgate configurations are perfect for the back of half ton to one ton pickups.

Dump Box Spreader dump box spreader snowex

While tailgates are designed for a large range of applications and vehicles dump box spreaders can be converted into storage for spreadable material. The dump box salt spreaders are primarily designed for uses on flat bed trucks, but in some cases like the image to the right, SnowEx dump box spreaders can be integrated on other forms of equipment. Their sizes range from 3 cubic yards to 4.5 cubic yards. These are great for large commercial jobs-especially if you are a professional contractor.

Tow-behind Spreader

Tow-behind spreaders feature two wheels and can be towed by virtually any vehicle that has standard two-inch trailer hitches. They are most suitable for high-volume projects on two-lane roads as well as private areas like multi-level garages, large parking lots and university campuses. They are controlled by wired remote controls from the driver’s seats. Most of these units offer around 3,000 pound rock salt capacity.

As you can see, finding the perfect spreader just depends on your specific needs. Because SnowEx is a prolific brand in the industry, it’s easy to shop for replacement SnowEx spreader parts to keep your spreader working strong for many years. Each is designed for different purposes. However, if you are mindful of their sizes and the job you need done, you can easily find the perfect piece of equipment for you.


10 Captivating Independent Films Worth Watching

If you’re drawn to independent films (or unique and captivating films in general,) then this compilation is for you. Here we’ve listed 10 best-of-the-best indie films that you probably haven’t seen yet.

Featured below is a hand-picked list of films that were either ignored by audience, not marketed well enough, or quietly dumped. The list contains films that engross and captivate the viewer. When you get into these films, you will never want them to end. To give these films extra attention in the spotlight, and to support some of the awesome independent film production companies out there, here is the recap on our top 10 list.

independent films

1. When Marnie Was There

Based on the novel by Joan G. Robinson, Marnie tells the story of introverted and lonely Anna, who is sent from her foster home in the city to spend summer in Hokkaido, where she forms an unlikely friendship.

2. Results

Andrew Bujalski continues to be one of the more idiosyncratic American indie filmmakers. Andrew tries his hands at mainstream comedy with Results and delivers a films that feels like it is part of his oeuvre, yet manages to deliver rom-com conventions.

3. Testament of the Youth

Based on Vera Brittain’s memoir of World War 1, this film tells a story of youth love who set against the futility of war. Game of Throne’s Kit Harington stars opposite Alicia Vikander, a swedish actress.

4. Beyond Glory

This indie film is directed by Larry Brand. Beyond Glory follows acclaimed actor Stephen Lang as he tracks the ten year odyssey behind his one man show about eight Medal of Honor recipients. The Beyond Glory film was once a popular novel and play.

5. Tangerine

This film features a story of Sin-Dee, who is a transgender prostitute roaming around Hollywood on Christmas Eve looking for a girl who broke her heart. Heart-wrenching, funny and vibrantly captured, it is amongst the most famous films of the festival.

6. Boyhood

Boyhood is said to have started production in the summer of 2002 and completed shooting in late 2013. The film involves a divorced couple and their impact on their only son as he grows from childhood to his teen years.

7. Animal Rescue

Michael Roskam makes his language debut with Animal Rescue which is a crime drama that features Gandolfini in his final on-screen performance. The film follows a New York bartender who is caught in the middle of a heist and rescues a puppy only to become a target of pooch’s crazy owner.

8. Big Bad Wolves

This film involves a police detective who tortures a man suspected of being a child killer. This might sound bleak, but true to word is that it is also funny in a twisted Tarantino sort of way.

9. Birdman

Michael Keaton stars in this film as an actor who is best known for playing iconic superhero in movies who attempts to mount a Broadway play. His bid to gain industry respect is thwarted when he starts to butt heads with the lead actor of the play.

10. The Boxtrolls

The film is based on the book ‘Here Be Monsters!.’ It centers on a young orphan raised by trolls who has to save his clan when an evil exterminator threatens his blood.


The Advantages of Postage Meter Machines vs. Online Postage & Stamps

postage meter mailing machinesPostage meter machines print postage and mailing documents for different types of mail. By so doing, postage meters and mailing machines help to alleviate the need to use manually mailing process and individual stamps, thereby bringing several unique advantages over the use of online postage and stamps.

1. Greater Efficiency

Postage meter machines allow for the imprint of approved postage directly onto the mailing piece, allowing office staff to process outgoing mail without having to make a trip to the post office to buy postage stamps for use. This greatly helps increase office efficiency, effectiveness and productivity.

Although online postage software program allows users to print their own stamps, one still has to manually apply the stamps or shipping labels onto the letters and packages – which can be cumbersome and time-wasting. Postage machines offer the most time-efficient solution for applying postage.

Unlike online postage and stamps, office staff doesn’t have to spend time and effort applying postage stamps by hand. Modern day postage meters can stamp several hundred envelopes in about one minute, and this can be particularly useful for large organizations with high volume mailing needs.

postage meter machine

Postage meter mailing machines also eliminate the need to take heavier envelopes and packages to the post office in order to assign the right amount of postage or make another trip to purchase incremental stamps to cover postal rate increases. This is because postage meters provide a built-in scale to weigh the package so it can be graded by the correct class of mail and have the appropriate postage printed out on an adhesive strip.

What’s more is that modern postage meters can be loaded with postage via an audio link to the postage provider. With such a link, users will just need to connect with the provider and have additional postage made available for use when it is required. This way, users get to enjoy an extremely efficient way of dealing with outgoing mail and
applying the correct amount of postage.

2. Reduced Mailing Costs

mailing machineBy eliminating the need to use individual stamps and allowing users to add postage to a large number of letters and packages quickly, postage meters help businesses or organizations that mail large amounts of printed material to save money on mail costs. The rates charged by the postal service are typically high, and the cost of postage can really add up over the course of a year regardless of the amount of outgoing mail.

Businesses and organizations that utilize postage meter machines are entitled to a discount, including a 2% discount for most first-class letters. Organizations that use postage meters are also able to save money by eliminating the costly and tiresome trips to the post office and through increased efficiency brought about by the use of these machines. In addition, businesses can keep track of how much they are spending on mail by using postage meter machines – which can be handy when it comes to postal accounting.

3. Increased Branding & Marketing Opportunities

Many modern postage meters offer the ability to print customized palettes and themes onto envelopes, letters and packages, which can be a great way to visually express a brand. With these machines, businesses can use text, images, colors, company logo, or all these four elements to create personalized stamps to communicate their brand identity.

Personalized stamps also help portray corporate professionalism that can be particularly useful for small businesses and startups who are striving to make a name for themselves in their industry.

To leverage some of the advantages, visit Illinois postage mailing machine supplier, Walz Label & Mailing Systems.


Key Considerations When Investing in Truck Weight Scales

When investing in a truck weight scale, it important to look at all options, details, and considerations that goes into such expensive weighing equipment. Truck weight scales, whether used for weighing loads or entire trucks, are often a crucial part of a business’s operations. truck weight scale

For many companies, establishing seamless weighing operations and increasing the level of productivity will depend on the accuracy and dependability of the truck scale being used. Here are some tips you should take into account when investing in truck weight scales

1. Weighing Capacity & Other Important Features

Not all truck weigh scales are made equal. Make sure that your weighing needs will be met with the scale you are looking forward to buying. Also, make sure that it will fit in the space you have planned for it.

truck scale capacityThere are specific types of truck scales, such as the pit mounted weighbridge truck scales, which will take less space than others such as those that are mounted above ground. What are the length, width, and weight of the vehicles you will be weighing?

Make sure your scale will have enough resistance and size to meet your weighing requirements. Also, have into account your future needs. Will you be adapting your services to serve heavier vehicles in the long-term? If this is the case, you will be better off by investing on a bigger scale right from the start. This way you won’t have to replace the whole system when this happens.

2. Portability & Ease of Operations

The second key consideration refers to how easy to use will a specific scale be. Have in mind that there may be many trucks waiting in line at some point of the day so you want to ensure a great service. In case other types of vehicles such as forklifts, front loaders, etc. will be weighed also, you will have to choose a scale that will easily weigh those too.

portable truck scale weighing carrying case

It’s possible that you may want to take your scale from one place to another for either maintenance or if you are simply moving. Making sure your scale can easily be dismounted and installed is very important.

3. In-motion Weighing Capabilities

Do you find dynamic truck scales more beneficial than static scales in your particular case? weigh-in-motion devices also known as dynamic scales can measure the weight of vehicle without needing it to stop. This creates a more efficient weighing process. Most companies see dynamic truck weighing scales beneficial since they save both time and money.

Another benefit of weigh in-motion truck scales is that it will give more truthful results – given the fact that people with overweight trucks may avoid passing their vehicle through a static scale. On the downside, dynamic truck scales are usually less accurate than their static counterparts and you won’t be able to collect info on the truck itself such as year model, origin, destination, etc.truck scale software

4. Weighing Terminal and Software Integration

Does the truck scale come equipped with (or able to be integrated with) a weighing terminal and software integration? These two components are necessary in order to ensure control over all data including productivity and profitability information.

Weighing terminals that are convenient and easy to use will also provide you with hassle-free transactions. This is especially important for farmers and agricultural producers that need to track the weight of crop and harvest loads, while factoring-in moisture levels. For these specialized applications, AgWeigh’s ag scales and harvest management software solutions are some of the best in the industry.

5. Calibration & Support Services truck scale calibration support

Along with buying a high quality product, you should also ensure that the company you will be buying a truck scale from offers excellent post-sale service. Lifetime support should be sought. Regular maintenance practices are also welcomed and highly expert technicians should be available for your calibration requirements.


Land Pride Parts: Where Online to Find The Best Prices & Selection

Finding Land Pride parts is an easy task. Finding the best online websites that offer both best prices and selection…. Well, that’s another story. Land Pride Parts

Fortunately, we have done the work for you so you don’t have to spend lots of time and frustration trying to look for them yourself. Here is our recommended list of where to find the best prices and selection of Land Pride parts online.

1. German Bliss

The good thing about German Bliss is that you will rest assure that you will find almost all, if not all, of the original Land Pride parts imaginable. Land Pride OEM parts from various types of equipment are available in this complete online parts store.

From replacement parts for Land Pride aerators and rotary cutters to lawn mowers and replacement blades, German Bliss is the one-stop Land Pride parts destination. Originally, German Bliss is a local Illinois-based company that sold complete machines, equipment, and other vehicles. With time, the company has become one of the leading online parts dealers in the U.S.

German Bliss is recognized for fast and affordable delivery and products to all of North America (and selection countries Internationally.) Most Land Pride mower parts and blades are shipped within one day after the part or parts are ordered. This shows the company’s commitment with its customers.

2. Messicks

Messicks is a business that has specialized mainly in Land Pride parts. This gives them the knowledge and experience required to handle your parts needs with ease. They have a nice selection of parts, but most importantly, their customer service is their strength.

Just like German Bliss, they sell only original parts. They can be contacted through various means such as phone, e-mail, social media sites, etc. They are also able to ship internationally which is a plus in case your operations are out of the country. Messicks has been around for more than 60 years and, as we said before, their customer service during and after the selling process is second to none.

3. Land Pride Parts Power

One of the authorized parts dealer, Land Pride Parts Power is focused solely on this brand’s parts which allows them to offer you more detailed information and a better buyer experience than many other stores. Their staff is very collaborative and their website is user-friendly.

You just type the model and part and click the search button to have them displayed with their respective price. They also offer another way to find it by choosing from multiple options the one you need.

Afterward, an image of the part will be displayed (allowing you to discern if this part is the one you are requiring or not). Later on you can add it to the cart and buy it online. It’s convenience is what sets the Land Pride Parts Power store from the rest.

4. Haltom Equipment Co.

Just like other Land Pride parts suppliers, Haltom Equipment Co. has a huge selection of parts for the Land Pride equipment. They have been on business ever since 1979 demonstrating their good reputation in the industry.

They compete on pricing which makes it a good place to order a quote. They may not have the exceptional customer service of others, but if you are low on budget, Haltom Equipment Co. may be your store of choice. They also provide a Land Pride parts catalog to their customers.


What Type of Breast Augmentation is Right for You?

Are you planning on undergoing a breast augmentation and need help on how to choose the right style and size of breast implants? Many women who opt for breast augmentation surgery normally do not have sufficient information, or individualized information, to help the make such decisions. However, it’s very important to make the right decision as this will help avoid unnecessary confusion and regrets that come with lack of proper understanding.

As you plan to undergo breast augmentation surgery, it is important to note that this decision is purely personal but also takes conviction and courage on your part. Below are some valuable tips to help you choose on the right breast implants for your breast augmentation thus avoiding additional corrective surgery and postoperative disappointments.

breast augmentation

Understand Your Body

Your weight, height, body frame, hip width, shoulder width, starting breast volume and buttocks should be a factor worth considering when going for a breast augmentation. Apart from the starting breast size, all these other areas will determine the size of the implants that are required to maintain the right proportion. The larger these parts are, the greater the volume of the implant. Knowing your body will help you choose the right implant.

Don’t Dwell On Your Bra Size

Bra sizing is different depending with the manufacturer and therefore you shouldn’t use the sizing to determine the size of your implant. It is possible to wear a bra size 34 from one manufacturer and a size 32 from another. You should therefore not concentrate on the bra size during the selection of your breast implant but instead should consider the size that makes you look great and feel happy. Talk to your plastic surgeon to help you choose the types of breast implants that give you the desired appearance.

Assess Your Social Perception & Personality

Some breast implants will look perfectly fine for some personalities as they enhance their bodies well while still maintaining the real person. Whether you are quiet and shy personality or an outgoing personality, discussing your desired public perception with your breast augmentation surgeon will be important before commencing the surgery. This is why it’s important to find Bay Area breast augmentation surgeons that you can trust.

Some professions might look okay with breasts that are superbly big while for others this could be a disaster. Always choose breasts that will allow you to wear different clothes comfortably whether you want to slip into a cocktail dress or a swimsuit without losing your credibility.

Determine Your Breast Implant Style

Both Mentor and Allergan make high, moderate or medium, and low profile implants. The overall amount of projection normally increases while the base diameter will also decrease as implants shift from low to high profile.

Breast implants could either be shaped (also known as contoured, anatomic or teardrop) or round. If you are doing a cosmetic breast augmentation, then you do not require specially shaped implants as these are only ideal for breast reconstruction. If you are looking for shape, then shaped implants will be great but they might cause problems because they normally rotate. Some styles will be ideal for shorter women while others will be ideal for taller ones.

Consider Your Hobbies & Activities

If you are a sportsperson and love hitting the gym, biking, jogging or are involved in serious sports, it would be good to consider how comfortable you will be after the breast augmentation and as you perform these activities.

Larger breasts might leave you feeling uncomfortable as you perform these activities or call for greater support as they might end up being too cumbersome during your workouts. A lower or smaller profile implant might be ideal if you still want to achieve your goals.

When getting breast augmentation surgery, you should avoid looking for what another woman has. It is also good to use bra sizers and only choose what you really want to avoid any additional surgeries.


The 3 Global Leaders of On-board Scale Technology

Many different companies across various industries spanning from agriculture to mining know the importance of accurate and reliable weighing scales. Although there are many types of scales available, on-board scales are some of the most dependable and efficient truck scales available. on board truck scales

These scales may work slightly differently depending on the vehicle or equipment application (i.e. wheel loader, conveyor, etc.,) but the technology used in most on-board weighing systems is the same. On-board scales use load cell technology that’s integrated on the actual vehicle or equipment, providing a built-in weighing system that can provide weight measurements anytime a load is applied.

Most on-board weigh scales use a signal that is transmitted to a monitor or weighing terminal to give the weight metrics of the vehicle’s load. These scales work using a combination of load cell technology and pressure readings from air suspension equipment. The reading that is sent to the monitor determines the weight of the load that is placed on the axis of the truck.

Trusted Names in On-board Weighing Systems

Onboard truck scales have been around for a while now, and so many companies produce them. However, it is important to buy yours from a reputable company so as to make sure that you get a high-quality scale. The following are the three global leaders of the on-board scale technology.

1. Applied Weighing International Limited

Applied Weighing International has been in business for the last two decades, and it has slowly grown into one of the leading supplier and manufacturer of weighing equipment and load cells in the UK. Aside from on-board scales, Applied Weighing International also manufactures and supplies other industrial weighing application, and they are also certified to produce ATEX Products.

Why choose on-board scales from Applied Weighing International?

  • The company has been in the business long enough to know that every clients’ need is unique, and so they will always strive to give you an innovative solution that conforms to your needs.
  • Compared to other companies, their on-board scales are cheaper. Add this to the money that the accuracy of these scales will save you and you have yourself the perfect scale.
  • Aside from giving you a tailor made solution this company has plenty of scales for you to choose from depending on your type of truck.

2. PFREUNDT On-Board on board scales

If you are looking to buy an on-board scale from a reputable company in the industry, then you should turn to PFREUNDT. This company has branches in the top countries in Europe, and it also has a well-established distribution network that makes it possible to deliver this scale to any part of the world.

Why choose on-board scales from PFREUNDT?

  • This company has an installation team that will ensure that you receive a quality service and that the scale is properly installed.
  • They have an onsite calibration service for Germany and neighboring countries customers. This service will help you save a lot of time and some money.
  • In case, you have some trouble with the scales that you buy they will offer you fast and qualified consultation.

3. RDS Technology

RDS Technology has been operational for more than 40 years now, and it has always tried to make weighing simpler through the use of electronic devices. Today this company specializes in the production and distribution of on-board measuring scales and other closely related equipment. As an industry leader in the USA and globally, RDS Technology is always coming up with innovations to make their on-board truck scale technology more efficient and accurate.

Why choose on-board scales from RDS Technology?

  • This company has a solution for you no matter what your needs may be. Whether you want an on-board scale for a simple application like use in one truck, or a fleet of trucks RDS has a solution for you.
  • It has a global presence meaning you can access their products and services from any part of the world.
  • Aside from giving you a quality scale that suits your needs they have an excellent customer service that will make sure you are always satisfied.

While all on-board weighing systems might appear to be similar in nature, certain producers offer various features that provide unique advantages and benefits in the field. Be sure to research which suppliers and there products offer the most appropriate on-board scale system for your specific application.


The Pettibon System: The Evolution of Comprehensive Chiropractic Care

For a more in-depth and comprehensive approach to spinal correction, many chiropractors and chiropractic wellness centers utilize a revolutionary treatment called the Pettibon System which helps them to quickly and effectively help their patients while also imbuing them with the required knowledge to help themselves. This system was devised by Burl R. Pettibon in 1981 and is now a comprehensive rehabilitation program for the spine’s soft and hard tissues.Pettibon System

Not everybody wants, or is ready for this type of specialized chiropractic care, which may involve up to 20 minutes a day of home care, but it’s documentable results are truly eye opening. It’s possible now to obtain a low back spinal improvement in just three to four week period with the help of this more intensive method.

The Pettibon System Foundation

Through meticulous comparison and evaluation to thoroughly researched biomechanical norms, a truly global postural and spine strengthening care plan can now be tailor made for each and every patient. These personalized chiropractic programs are specifically designed to restore, as closely as possible, your spinal form and function. This ensures an amazing decrease in the related pain and symptoms, as well as much better ability to prevent disc, spine and nerve related issues.

Chiropractors and practitioners of this form of chiropractic care view your spine as a closed kinetic system which is made up of soft and hard tissues. The soft tissues-discs, muscles, and ligaments-firmly hold the spine upright in its optimal position for efficient function relative to gravity, while moving it seamlessly through its expected range of motions. In the Pettibon System, the spinal correction has to involve the entire spine rather than just one vertebrae or segment.

According to physiology, our nervous system sends our five righting reflexes continuously to skull. With sensory input it receives from these five righting reflexes, our nervous system and its organizing energy continuously organizes and re-organizes the posture and lower spine into displaced or aligned positions in order to keep the skull upright.

For more information or to find a Pettibon System practitioner, visit this Berkeley chiropractor’s website to learn more.

How Chiropractic Practitioners Apply This System?

Pettibon chiropractic system calls for re-alignment of the spine so that it can function optimally when it is in upright position relative to gravity. This is achieved flawlessly with the patented Pettibon weighting system (coupled with standard chiropractic care like spinal adjustments.)

Pettibon Weighting SystemThe Pettibon chiropractic system consists of specially designed shoulder, head, and hip weights that patient has to wear. The amount of the weights and their placement depends upon the final spinal displacement that needs to be corrected. Continuously wearing these weights corrects the pelvis center of mass and heads thoracic cage, causing certain righting reflexes to quickly send out the right sensory input for spine correction to the central nervous system.

These weights also force weak postural muscles to continuously perform various isometric exercises, restoring muscle endurance, strength, and balance. This results in a much stronger body which is accustomed to holding its corrected posture with reduced irritation to nerves, discs, ligaments, muscles and joints.

In order to perfectly balance the body to weights, the innate organizing energy of the nervous system causes some spinal muscles to contract and some to relax, thereby repositioning and correcting the posture and spine relative to gravity. In addition, the weights also compel the involved muscles to do some isometric exercises necessary to restore their endurance, balance, and strength.


Learn more by visiting:

Hamilton Chiropractic Offices
1313 Gilman St, Ste B
Berkeley, CA 94706
Phone: (510) 526-3362


What To Look For In Ironman Triathlon Coaches

Competing in or even just completing an Ironman triathlon is a task that involves more than you the triathlete running on the track from the start line to the finish line. You need a coach and not any coach but the right coach who will give you motivation, constructive criticism and expert knowledge on how to go about an Ironman triathlon triathlon race. So, how do you choose one?

ironman triathlon coaches

When searching for Ironman triathlon coaches, there are several qualities that should come into play which will dictate whether your coach will be a success or disaster on your side. Generally, you need to look at the interpersonal skills of the coach, his training schedule and how flexible it is, experience, how close he/she is to you in terms of location and whether he/she has the passion for the job. Let’s first have a look at the most cardinal quality you should look out for.

1. Good interpersonal skills

The relationship between a triathlon coach and a triathlete is what majorly determines success or failure. A good triathlon coach should be one who you will be able to trust his/her knowledge base and judgment, openly and positively take a feedback from your coach and he/she should also positively and openly take a training feedback from you.

Good Ironman triathlon coaches should also be able to build your mental muscles apart from your physical muscles. This implies that the coach should offer you some form of motivation that will keep your training and racing morale high; eventually leading to splendid results in the long run.

2. Easily accessible

Location is a key factor to look at. With the advent of technology, and the inception of social networking, the distance between the triathlon coach and the triathlete has been increased from tens of miles to thousands of miles. For example, an individual in Michigan would mostly like search more local triathlon coaches in Michigan. Whilst now, these athletes can get the same (or similar) level of triathlon coaching on the web.

Most triathlon coaching nowadays is done online using platforms such as Skype, Google+. and email, leaving a few athletes to the old-fashioned one on one interaction with their coaches on-site. However, despite online training being effective in Ironman triathlon training, getting a coach who is within your vicinity and can attend training sessions in person is better.

A local triathlon coach will be in a better position to evaluate your training progress mainly because he/she can see your body language during training and make assessments from his/her observations. However, whether you choose to do online training or the conventional one-on-one training, it is important that your coach is available regularly for feedback so that he/she can analyze your progress and create better training plans for you.

3. Success history and expertise in Ironman coaching

When getting an Ironman triathlon coach it is good to look at his/her work experience. How many triathletes has he/she worked with and what results did his/her clients get? If you are a seasoned triathlete who has been in Ironman triathlon for quite a number of seasons and you want a change in coaching which will take you to the next level, it will be in good faith getting a coach who has a —– and his/her clients have had great success stories.

The same applies to someone who is interested in getting a coach who will take an athlete to the top podium in Ironman triathlon. However, if you are a beginner getting into Ironman triathlon for the first time and you want to gain experience before going for the top cream, you will be good enough with a coach who has experience in training beginners. A beginner triathlon coach will be able to take you through the baby steps that will slowly take you to the top of the podium in Ironman triathlon. At the very least, the coach should be holding Level 1 USAT certification and he/she should be a certified personal trainer.

4. Flexibility of his/her triathlon training plans

An effective training is one that is flexible. Your coach should be able to adjust his/her training plan so that it fits your individual needs. You should get to know his/her philosophy concerning adapting a triathlon training program to your needs. As you progressively move in training, he/she should be able to observe your progress and do adjustments to the training program that will ensure that you fit in well and benefit from the training.

A coach who is rigid with his/her program and does not make adjustments that are suitable for you will not get the best out of you. Apart from your progress, your personal life and work life should not be disrupted by your training. A good coach should be willing to understand your daily schedule and draft a training program that will not interfere with other daily activities.

5. Passion as a triathlon coach

A passionate triathlon coach will definitely identify with your Ironman triathlon goals and dreams and will be dedicated to ensuring you achieve them. You can judge his/her passion by getting views from previous clients as well as looking at his/her track record. Good reviews and a good track record will be sure signs that he/she is passionate about coaching and that your success will be his/her success.

Start interviewing your candidate coaches looking for these qualities in them. The one who has it all is the best for you and your Ironman triathlon career.


Types of Computer Viruses That Remote Services Can Work Wonders

computer virus removal services for removalThere’s no denying that the subject of computer viruses is as enigmatic as it is frustrating. And with the advent of online/web-based virus removal service, it became even more confusing. However, to put things into perspective, remote virus removal service is an alternative to conventional virus removal tools and location-based solutions that are geared toward getting rid of malware, spyware and other computer bugs from a remote/offsite location.

With that said, there are several situations that may arise to necessitate the need for a remote virus clean up as opposed to taking your machine to a diagnostic center. Below we provide information as to when remote computer virus removal services will work wonders, and what situations in which they may not do justice.

Situations when remote computer virus removal may not work

Albeit remote or web-based virus clean up services are proving to be very cost-effective and time-saving, sometimes they may be ineffective against advanced or ultra-virulent computer viruses. Virus such as the notorious ILOVEYOU and it’s equally infamous counter SobigF that cripple a computer system’s Internet connectivity capability, can prove to be a hard nut to crack if at all you’re going to rely on remote services.

At the same time, remember that you can only make use of such remote services if you have a stable internet connection. So if you live in an area without proper access to Wi-Fi or travel to places where internet connection is a problem, then you might have to rely on your self-diagnostics skills when it comes to combating worms on your computer.

Convenience of remote virus removal services

Every medium to heavy computer user has at one time or another experienced computer issues when they least expected to. For instance, consider a situation whereby your laptop gets infected with the notorious Internet Trojan Horse as you’re completing an assignment online. If it happens at night or at some other inconvenient time, seeking for help or taking your computer to the nearest tech repair store is often out of question.

In such a case, online or remote computer virus removal service might be your only option. Since, the service will involve a third-party expert technician who will diagnose and repair your infected machine from a remote site, the only thing you might need is a few minutes and a relatively strong internet connection.

Compare this with the conventional method of tinkering with various antivirus software until you obtain a solution, and you will find out that you could save a lot of time via a remote computer virus removal service.

Flexibility and a one-on-one interface

You might have the latest, premium antivirus software installed on your PC, but that won’t stop the some of the most destructive worms such as the infamous My Doom from infecting your system. Nonetheless, a remote computer expert can help you eliminate and clean up such a complex and tenacious worm by accessing some of your system files and studying the replicating mechanism of the virus. This way, they could quickly come up with an efficient and permanent solution and quell the issue of the recurring virus.

In addition, unlike relying on online tutorials and guides, a remote computer virus removal technician can study your system and advise you on better ways to secure your machine from future attacks, based on your individual software architecture.