What Type of Breast Augmentation is Right for You?

Are you planning on undergoing a breast augmentation and need help on how to choose the right style and size of breast implants? Many women who opt for breast augmentation surgery normally do not have sufficient information, or individualized information, to help the make such decisions. However, it’s very important to make the right decision as this will help avoid unnecessary confusion and regrets that come with lack of proper understanding.

As you plan to undergo breast augmentation surgery, it is important to note that this decision is purely personal but also takes conviction and courage on your part. Below are some valuable tips to help you choose on the right breast implants for your breast augmentation thus avoiding additional corrective surgery and postoperative disappointments.

breast augmentation

Understand Your Body

Your weight, height, body frame, hip width, shoulder width, starting breast volume and buttocks should be a factor worth considering when going for a breast augmentation. Apart from the starting breast size, all these other areas will determine the size of the implants that are required to maintain the right proportion. The larger these parts are, the greater the volume of the implant. Knowing your body will help you choose the right implant.

Don’t Dwell On Your Bra Size

Bra sizing is different depending with the manufacturer and therefore you shouldn’t use the sizing to determine the size of your implant. It is possible to wear a bra size 34 from one manufacturer and a size 32 from another. You should therefore not concentrate on the bra size during the selection of your breast implant but instead should consider the size that makes you look great and feel happy. Talk to your plastic surgeon to help you choose the types of breast implants that give you the desired appearance.

Assess Your Social Perception & Personality

Some breast implants will look perfectly fine for some personalities as they enhance their bodies well while still maintaining the real person. Whether you are quiet and shy personality or an outgoing personality, discussing your desired public perception with your breast augmentation surgeon will be important before commencing the surgery. This is why it’s important to find Bay Area breast augmentation surgeons that you can trust.

Some professions might look okay with breasts that are superbly big while for others this could be a disaster. Always choose breasts that will allow you to wear different clothes comfortably whether you want to slip into a cocktail dress or a swimsuit without losing your credibility.

Determine Your Breast Implant Style

Both Mentor and Allergan make high, moderate or medium, and low profile implants. The overall amount of projection normally increases while the base diameter will also decrease as implants shift from low to high profile.

Breast implants could either be shaped (also known as contoured, anatomic or teardrop) or round. If you are doing a cosmetic breast augmentation, then you do not require specially shaped implants as these are only ideal for breast reconstruction. If you are looking for shape, then shaped implants will be great but they might cause problems because they normally rotate. Some styles will be ideal for shorter women while others will be ideal for taller ones.

Consider Your Hobbies & Activities

If you are a sportsperson and love hitting the gym, biking, jogging or are involved in serious sports, it would be good to consider how comfortable you will be after the breast augmentation and as you perform these activities.

Larger breasts might leave you feeling uncomfortable as you perform these activities or call for greater support as they might end up being too cumbersome during your workouts. A lower or smaller profile implant might be ideal if you still want to achieve your goals.

When getting breast augmentation surgery, you should avoid looking for what another woman has. It is also good to use bra sizers and only choose what you really want to avoid any additional surgeries.


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