10 Captivating Independent Films Worth Watching

If you’re drawn to independent films (or unique and captivating films in general,) then this compilation is for you. Here we’ve listed 10 best-of-the-best indie films that you probably haven’t seen yet.

Featured below is a hand-picked list of films that were either ignored by audience, not marketed well enough, or quietly dumped. The list contains films that engross and captivate the viewer. When you get into these films, you will never want them to end. To give these films extra attention in the spotlight, and to support some of the awesome independent film production companies out there, here is the recap on our top 10 list.

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1. When Marnie Was There

Based on the novel by Joan G. Robinson, Marnie tells the story of introverted and lonely Anna, who is sent from her foster home in the city to spend summer in Hokkaido, where she forms an unlikely friendship.

2. Results

Andrew Bujalski continues to be one of the more idiosyncratic American indie filmmakers. Andrew tries his hands at mainstream comedy with Results and delivers a films that feels like it is part of his oeuvre, yet manages to deliver rom-com conventions.

3. Testament of the Youth

Based on Vera Brittain’s memoir of World War 1, this film tells a story of youth love who set against the futility of war. Game of Throne’s Kit Harington stars opposite Alicia Vikander, a swedish actress.

4. Beyond Glory

This indie film is directed by Larry Brand. Beyond Glory follows acclaimed actor Stephen Lang as he tracks the ten year odyssey behind his one man show about eight Medal of Honor recipients. The Beyond Glory film was once a popular novel and play.

5. Tangerine

This film features a story of Sin-Dee, who is a transgender prostitute roaming around Hollywood on Christmas Eve looking for a girl who broke her heart. Heart-wrenching, funny and vibrantly captured, it is amongst the most famous films of the festival.

6. Boyhood

Boyhood is said to have started production in the summer of 2002 and completed shooting in late 2013. The film involves a divorced couple and their impact on their only son as he grows from childhood to his teen years.

7. Animal Rescue

Michael Roskam makes his language debut with Animal Rescue which is a crime drama that features Gandolfini in his final on-screen performance. The film follows a New York bartender who is caught in the middle of a heist and rescues a puppy only to become a target of pooch’s crazy owner.

8. Big Bad Wolves

This film involves a police detective who tortures a man suspected of being a child killer. This might sound bleak, but true to word is that it is also funny in a twisted Tarantino sort of way.

9. Birdman

Michael Keaton stars in this film as an actor who is best known for playing iconic superhero in movies who attempts to mount a Broadway play. His bid to gain industry respect is thwarted when he starts to butt heads with the lead actor of the play.

10. The Boxtrolls

The film is based on the book ‘Here Be Monsters!.’ It centers on a young orphan raised by trolls who has to save his clan when an evil exterminator threatens his blood.


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