Minneapolis Junk Removal Company Leads Eco-friendly Movement

Eco-friendly junk removal comes in two forms: recycling and reusing. There remains a bit of confusion about exactly what can be recycled. Sure, people understand that paper and paper materials can be recycled, but what about plastics?Residential Junk Removal

The vast majority of the items we use and throw away every day is made of plastic – and not all plastics are alike, which determines whether they can be recycled or not. The same goes for metals, particularly those used in appliances and electronics.

Many of the components in these items can be toxic if improperly disposed of, and many are unable to be recycled. In addition, many items can be reused and given a second life. These simple points underscore the importance of proper  services.

Enter: Junk Command

Several companies are now offering this type of eco-friendly junk removal service, and a stand out is Junk Command, operating in Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota. What makes the Minneapolis junk removal company of Junk Command a leader in this movement is the breadth of services they provide, covering nearly all types of waste.

junk command removal minneapolisA closer examination of the removal services on their menu show all the different types of residential and commercial waste they handle. Junk Command handles all household wastes, from furniture and packaging to food waste and clothing. All yard waste is collected from March 1 to November 1. Appliances are hauled away and inspected to determine whether they should be disposed of, recycled, or donated.

Construction, renovation materials, and all types of tires are also removed. Finally, plastics, glass, metals, and electronic waste are sorted and taken to dedicated recycling centers or disposed of accordingly. However, there are items that Junk Command cannot handle. Specifically, paint, chemicals (solvents and oils), asbestos, oil drums (unless empty with tops and bottoms cut out), oil tanks, or hazardous materials cannot be removed.

Affordable Junk Removal Services

The Minneapolis junk removers of Junk Command charge rates that are variable, and depend on how much volume is occupied on the truck, which is equivalent to a 20 yard dumpster, is filled. To engage their services, simple use the online contact form to request a pick-up time. Once the team is 15-30 minutes from arriving, they will call to give a more accurate time of arrival. It is Junk Command’s policy to recycle as much as possible, and donate at the customer’s request. Items that cannot be recycled or donated are sold at thrift stores to taken to county transfer stations. Junk Removal Minneapolis

Junk Command follows a simple prime directive – to do their best to treat garbage and waste in a way that minimizes its environmental impact. It is crucial, as our world begins to wake up to the long-term and devastating effects of waste and pollution on the environment, that we all do our parts to mitigate our own environmental footprint. Our planet depends on it, and working with companies such as Junk Command help us to maximize these efforts.

As we become more and more environmentally-conscious and gain more understanding into the true effect of human influence on the environment, a more concerted effort is being made to limit the amount of garbage we produce.

Residentail & Commercial Junk Removal in Minneapolis

However, despite conservation efforts, some garbage is inevitable, whether from residential or commercial sources. What many people do not know is how much of this garbage can be recycled, and the companies that can provide this type of eco-friendly junk removal.

To learn more about Junk Command’s eco-friendly junk removal service in Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota, contact:

Junk Command
7466 Washington Avenue South
Eden Prairie, MN 55344
PH: 952-495-5865


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