Breast Augmentation Surgery: When Is It Too Early

There are two major reasons why women go for breast augmentation and breast implants. In most cases breast augmentation is sought for cosmetic purposes and to correct breast irregularities and deformities.

For teens facing the latter in the formation of their breasts, breast augmentation, even before reaching the age of 18 might be the right decision. This might help them feel more confident concerning their bodies among other benefits.

The two most common deformities teens may face in their breasts are:breast augmentation too early

Poland’s Syndrome: This is a genetic disorder where chest muscles are underdeveloped or absent and the corresponding breast is either absent or small. Breast implants may be quite successful in providing cosmetic correction for the condition and is often suitable for teens.

Asymmetry: This is a common condition that several women face. Even though uneven breasts are quite common, when your teen has this condition, you should consult a breast implant surgeon for recommendation. In a number of instances, breast reduction or augmentation is the perfect solution while in other cases; waiting for the breasts to be developed fully is a better option.

Breast Augmentation: When Is It Too Early?

Teenage bodies are still developing. For this reason, it’s not normally suitable to carry out breast augmentation surgery. Most experience breast augmentation surgeons¬†encourage patients to wait till they reach at least the age of 18, probably later, before they seriously consider this type of surgery. It’s significant to provide your body plus emotional health time to develop prior to making some permanent and body changing decision.

breast augmentation surgeon

Consulting with a professional breast augmentation surgeon is the best way to go for young women.

Once you reach the age of 18, majority of breast development has probably happened. When you are not happy with the size of your breasts, it isn’t likely to change dramatically and breast augmentation may be required. One benefit younger patients basically possess are healthy bodies that may reduce the risk of complications, making recovery time both easier and shorter. Teenage patients may also often skip the normally required mammogram, unless there’s very strong breast cancer family history.

Risks of Teen Breast Augmentation

When you ask plastic surgeons concerning getting breast augmentation for your teenage daughter, you’re possibly going to be met with scorn. Basically, not several parents are ready to expose their teenage daughters to the risk of such kind of surgery.

Yes, several medical professionals and breast augmentation surgeons are averse at the idea of getting the surgery too young. However, breast enlargement in teenagers is no riskier than similar procedure for adults. You still have the possibility of scarring or silicon leaking.

The problem which may develop when this operation is carried out is going to be the instance the girl has not yet stopped growing. When the breasts are not developed fully, it might imply having a second operation performed in few years time in order to straighten things out. For majority of girls, their breasts stop growing when they hit the age of 16.


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