3 Google Maps Marketing Tips for Your Local Business

Google Maps marketing has become the bee’s knees for local business advertising. After a series of changes to the Google local search results over the past few years, the latest is tightened “3-pack” of local business associated with a Google Maps snippet.

Google Maps Marketing Tips

Often appearing at the top of the search results, just below the PPC ads, the 3-pack has become some of the most coveted and highly-sought exposure for businesses.

As a result, Google Maps marketing has become an essential investment for most businesses. While there are many SEO and Internet marketing agencies that specialize in Google Maps marketing, below are a few tips to help your business get started.

1. Properly Setup Your Google My Business (GMB) Page

As from your website, your Google My Business (GMB) is the perhaps the most important asset for Google Maps marketing. Your GMB page serves as your business’ presence in Google Search (3-Pack), Google Maps, and Google+ (Google’s social media network.)

To properly setup your GMB page for the best results, you’ll want to:

  • Fully populate your GMB page with accurate and consistent information, including links to your blog and other web properties
  • Verify your GMB page via phone call or post card submission
  • Select the most relevant GMB categories that reflects your business modelGoogle Maps My Business Marketing

2. Embed a Google Map of Your Business’ Location on its Website

One Google Maps marketing strategy that been getting recognition is “map pinning.” This is simply including a Google Maps embed of your business’s location somewhere on your site (i.e. contact us page, site-wide footer, etc.)

Google Maps Pin Marketing

To get the iframe code for your business’s Google Maps embed, search its full NAP in Google Maps, then click the “Share” option. Here can you copy and paste the iframe code onto your website.

3. Generate Citations & Reviews

All mentions of your location’s Name, Address, and Phone number (“NAP” also referred to as “citations,) should appear consistently and accurately across the Internet. Most common on directory and social media sites, citations are signals that Google uses to determine the credibility and legitimacy of a business. If a business has a high volume of citations throughout the Internet, and all information matches-up, then it has greater potential to rank. It’s a similar mechanism to backlinks and organic SEO, but a different function.

Google Maps marketing and optimization

Also a 3-pack ranking factor are reviews. In addition to the reviews on you GMB page, earning reviews on your business’s Yelp listing, Facebook profile, etc. can also help boost credibility. While generating citations is more labor intensive, earning positive reviews requires creativity and good business practices. Crafty small businesses will employ review generation strategies like “show us your Google review and get 20% your next order.”

With Google Maps marketing a hot commodity, there are more and more specialized SEO firms offering these services. Many of these companies provide resources and solutions in citation building (and cleanup,) local SEO and website optimization, and other brand-expanding means to increase a business’ visibility. For services and consulting programs for Google Maps marketing and local SEO, visit CaptivateLocal.com.


Top 3 Most Minimally-Invasive Surgery Techniques

In just the last few years, more and more hospitals and surgery centers today are using minimally-invasive surgery techniques. These techniques are typically performed by making small incisions as opposed to large openings. Making smaller incisions gives patients a faster recovery time, less scarring and less discomfort as opposed to the conventional open surgery.spine surgeon minimally-invasive

During minimally-invasive procedures, surgeons often make several small incisions to allow for easier repair of the root problem that is inside the body. Generally, this approach is much safer and allows the patient to heal faster and with less scarring and pain. It’s also a common choice for efficiency, mkaing it ideal out-patients or is best for patients on a short-hospital stay. Over the years, better technology has increased the types of minimally-invasive surgery techniques to counter the different body defects.

Robotic Surgery

Robotic surgery is one of the most common types of minimally-invasive surgery. With better technology, advanced robotic systems give surgeons higher control and precision during the surgery sessions. This allows them to perform safe, precise and less invasive surgical operations. During robotic surgeries, surgeons function from very console equipment that has two master controllers that maneuver four robotic arms attached.robotic spinal surgery

Moreover, the use of high definition 3D image on the console helps the surgeons see the procedures better. The incorporation of computer software in place of the actual hand helps in making of precise movements. Robotic surgeries can treat numerous conditions such as lung, gynecologic, head, neck, heart, urological and other general conditions.

Endoscopic (Non-robotic) Surgery

Endoscopic surgeries utilize an endoscope so as to reach to the internal body organs by use of small incisions. During endoscopic surgeries, surgeons, insert a thin flexible tube through a small incision, or other natural orifice such as mouth and nose, using a video camera. The tube has a channel to help utilize the tiny surgical instruments that the surgeon uses to view the organs on a computer monitor.

The endoscopic technique helps the surgeon’s view the patient’s inside body and operates from a smaller incision. Endoscopic surgery can be used to treat numerous conditions and has the benefits of reduced blood loss, less scarring, less pain and quick recovery time.

Laparoscopic Surgery

In this minimally-invasive surgery technique, the surgeon makes several small incisions, instead of one large incision. Small tubes known as “trocars” are passed through the incisions into the abdomen. In order to give the surgeon room to work, the abdomen is inflated with carbon dioxide.

This allows the surgeons to use a camera that is attached to a laparoscope to view the magnified inside of the abdomen through computer monitors. In place of the surgeon’s hands special instruments have been developed to pass through the trocars. For most of the laparoscopic surgeries one incision must be larger to enable removal of the tissues from the abdomen.

In conclusion, minimally-invasive surgeries are now becoming more common in hospitals. Though, the procedure can take longer than the conventional surgery, their advantages outweigh the disadvantages. Since all the techniques involve small incisions, the pain is often less and recovery faster. However, not all procedures can be done using the minimally-invasive methods. It is important to consult with your doctor, to know which method is effective for your condition.


5 Cool Cycling Team Jerseys of Le Tour de France

Of course, Le Tour de France is a real tour de force of cycling, endurance, and athleticism, but it is also an opportunity to see some amazing styles and designs for cycling jerseys! Saxxo Tour Cool Cycling Jerseys

The cycling jerseys of the Le Tour de France blend the practical with the stylish, and below we have put together a list of five cool cycling jerseys from this year’s competition.

1. Team Tinkoff – Saxo

This luminous looking cycling jersey comes in a fresh pale greenish yellow hue. The circular neckline gives it a futuristic feel and the whole effect is lively and very energetic. Of course, the Team Saxo – Tinkoff cycling jersey is emblazoned with the team’s main sponsors and partners, such as Citroen, Sportful and Specialized.

2. Team IAM Cycling IAM Cool Cycling Jerseys

This team’s cycling  jersey comes in a clean, white hue. This creates the impression that this team truly means business! A red collar adds a flash of brilliance, and the red and dark blue trimmings of this polyester jersey have a simple, contemporary look to them.

The main sponsor of this Swiss team is Independent Asset Management (IAM), and the sponsor’s name is incorporated deftly into the design. Lighter colors such as this one (and the Team Saxo – Tinkoff jersey) may well be better for players if the weather is very hot and sunny.

3. Team Sky Team Sky cycling Jerseys

You can’t go wrong with black! This was probably the mantra of Team Sky, which has created a slick, sleek number for the Tour de France. Even better, these cool cycling jerseys were tested in a wind tunnel, to ensure that they could withstand even the fastest of speeds that the team’s cyclists could throw at them.

As one of the most popular replica cycling jerseys for men, these ‘aero jerseys’ come with a cool mint blue strip and, of course, the names of other key sponsors such as 21st Century Fox and Pinarello incorporated on the chest area. Team Bora Argon has gone for a similar overwhelmingly black jersey.

4. Team Lotto Soudal

Lotto Tour de France Cycling JerseysThis cycling team’s jersey is perhaps the most eye catching, as it comes in a stunning pillar box red hue. You certainly will not miss them on the road! Ridley, G&V Energy Group, and other significant sponsors are added onto these jerseys in a way that fits in perfectly with the cool red, white and black colors and the simple yet effective and memorable design.

One of the coolest things about these jerseys, though, is the back: when the team turns away from you, you will be able to see a striking yellow and black vertical stripe running down the right of the jersey. This asymmetry is subtle yet powerful.

5. Team Etixx – QuickstepEtixx Tour Jerseys

This is the team that wears its sponsors’ names most proudly, perhaps. You could never mistake the fact that team Etixx – Quickstep is sponsored by the renowned nutrition experts Etixx and the flooring professionals Quickstep.

Other co-sponsors include brands such as Lidl and Peugeot, and these brand names can be seen in smaller sizes on the top half of the jersey. A deep, dark blue hue works very well with the thick black stripes along the chest and down the sides of this imposing looking jersey.


Sport Sunscreen Review: Top 3 Products for Enduring Protection

Review Best Sport SunscreensAthletes need enduring protection, especially from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays. Sport sunscreens are among the major products designed for the job. However, not all brands have the capacity to provide that long-lasting protection.

In this article, we look at the top 3 sport sunscreens that have been proven to provide premium results. Some of these models might be new. Therefore we shall provide an in-depth review of each for greater understanding.

SolRx SPF 50 Zinc Sunscreen Sticks

SolRx Best Sport SunscreenSolRx is one of the latest brands in the world of sport sunscreens. As a premium brand offering the best sport sunscreen, SolRx provides a broad spectrum (SPF 50) of protection. The sunscreen is designed to be non-greasy to eliminate any residues. Its great ultra-sheer properties make application much easier.

A little bit of SolRx goes a long way in providing long-lasting protection from the harmful ultraviolet (UVA /UVB) rays. Unlike other providers of sport sunscreens, this zinc sunscreen provides 8-hours of water resistance. Additionally, it’s eco-friendly, reef safe, and suitable for use by children.

EltaMD SPF 50 UV Sport Sunscreen

EltaMD SPF 50 UV Sport SunscreenThis sport sunscreen from EltaMD is specially designed to suit the outdoor athlete. It is a durable sunscreen that sports 9-percent micronized zinc oxide as one of the main active ingredients. The zinc oxide sunscreen provides long-lasting protection from harmful UVA and UVB rays. The sunscreen has an SPF rating of 50 to ensure maximum sun protection. It has an 80-minute water-resistant formula that doesn’t rinse off in water or when sweating.

EltaMD’s sport sunscreen provides great moisturizing effect that leaves the skin supple and smooth. It’s an Eco-friendly product that has been approved safe for use even by children. Application needs to be done 30 minutes prior to sunlight exposure. Reapplication is done after every 2-3 hours to maintain protection. This sports sunscreen is designed to be applied on both wet and dry skin.

Coola Suncare Classic Sport Sunscreen

Coola Suncare‘s Classic is an eco-friendly sports sunscreen that contains 70% organic ingredients. With an SPF rating of 50, it provides ultimate protection from UV rays and functions well in repairing sun damaged skin. The result is maximum defense against aging and an even-toned skin. The sunscreen contains arnica extract that reduces inflammation. Linseed oil, Omega 3 and 6 come in handy to clam, hydrate and reduce redness.Coola Suncare Classic Sport Sunscreen

This sport sunscreen by Coola Suncare hydrates, soothes and softens the skin to provide that youthful and vibrant look. The sunscreen is hypoallergenic making it safe for use even on sensitive skin. It is devoid of any nano-sized particles and provides excellent water resistance of 80 minutes. The sunscreen needs to be applied 15 minutes prior to sunlight exposure. Reapplication is done after every two hours to ensure maximum protection.

These are the top-notch models in the realm of sport sunscreens. They are effective, simple to use and have no side effects whatsoever. The sunscreens can be purchased at their specific official sites or other reliable online stores. They are definitely the product of choice for the modern-day sport enthusiasts. These sunscreens sport similar protective strength and score well in all the keys areas. Therefore regardless of the product you choose, be assured to get the best protection possible.


Top 3 Most Advanced Home Security Systems of 2016

Home Security Systems 2016The most advanced home security systems really have a proven record in homes protection and their valuable contents. Unluckily, many people don’t just address their home security until it is late — after they have had a break-in already. In fact, according to a FBI report, less than 2 million burglaries were reported in 2013, leading to losses of roughly $4.5 billion.

Homes that have been equipped with effective home security alarm systems have shown to be 300% less likely to be broken into. To take the full advantage of this strong deterrent effect, please read on to explore the top 3 most-advanced home security systems of 2016.

  • Frontpoint Home Security
  • LifeShield Home Security
  • LiveWatch Security

Frontpoint Home Security

Frontpoint is regularly ranked as a leading home security system. They really boast 100% cellular and wireless technology and highly-rated GE equipment for security, and Do It Yourself installation guidelines.

With Frontpoint, you can easily by yourself set up the system, which save you from handling costly and inconvenient expert installation appointments. This will means that as you move, the security system of your home can easily move with you — it’s entirely portable.

Frontpoint also among the providers of few home-security monitoring that really goes beyond flood, fire, and detection of carbon-monoxide by including a service which can detect if there is a break in the natural-gas line. They as well have the capability to connect a maximum of 39 sensors and also your mobile device, thereby bringing the security and safety of your home into your hand. Their website is frontpoint.com.


LifeShield ranks in the industry among the fastest response times for security monitoring. They have now partnered with DirecTV and also connected to a particular monitoring station with an Internet (broadband connection). They give DIY or expert installation based on your availability, ability, or needs.

It goes beyond some other security systems by giving extra layers of backup in case your power goes out or even when your home phone line is being disabled:

  • Broadband Internet connection: In case of an emergency situation, LifeShield will connect to the monitoring center in just seconds by using your broadband connection.
  • Cellular Network: Here, you can use an in- built cellular connection as an extra protection layer.
  • Land Line Phone: It connects through a landline also in case your cellular and/or connection goes down for a while.
  • Battery Backup: You will be alerted whenever you have low battery, and the battery will really keep the alarm system online for a maximum of 24 hours after the power goes down.

LifeShield gives another unique feature which offers local crime and also data alerts so that you can make an informed decision regarding your level of security coverage for your home. Their website is lifeshield.com.


In 2002, LiveWatch was created with the goal of making your home security affordable and easy without sacrificing any quality. They offer truly customizable security for your home and are able to keep costs low by giving DIY set up and avoiding additional hardware.

If you are concerned about the DIY set up, do not be. A LiveWatch technician will always remain on the phone to talk you through the entire process. After the completion of installation, they’ll also run live tests on your system to make sure it’s correctly working. Their website is livewatch.com.

If you’re interested in alternative security systems for your home, as well as security monitoring solutions, check out:

Seico Security
132 Court Street
Pekin, IL 61554



Stephen Langs Film “Beyond Glory” Gets Rave Reviews

In a nutshell, Beyond Glory is the amazing story of eight Medal of Honor recipients and how they earned this distinct military award. Beyond Glory provides an inside look into the military lives of each of these eight men and the courage and perseverance put forth to receive such an honor.

The Incredible Story Behind the Film Beyond Glory Stephen Lang Film

The story Beyond Glory, which is now a major motion picture that has achieved numerous awards and accolades, first began as a nonfiction book by Larry Smith. He compiled the information and histories of these soldiers and what events led to them earning the prestigious award.

Before being made into a movie, the story was adapted into a one man play by Stephen Lang, where it received attention and critical acclaim, including a write-up in the New York Times.

Stephen Lang, along with director Larry Brand, actor Gary Sinise, and executive producer James Cameron, have brought this extraordinary play to the big screen. They have created a beautiful masterpiece that honors the stories of these eight Medal of Honor winners and teaches the world what it is like to put your life on the line for your country and the people you served with.

Accolade of the Film Beyond Glory

Stephen Lang’s film Beyond Glory received a glowing recommendation full of accolades printed by the New York Times about the touring one man play, which appeared at military bases and theaters around the country, including the prestigious Goodman Theatre in Chicago, and the Flea Theater in New York City.

The movie also has received numerous awards and accolades since it was released. The Times, in it its glowing article, said that Beyond Glory gave audiences an insight into the hardships that members of the armed services must face when they serve their country, particularly during times of war. It is an especially important lesson to remember as men and women in the armed services continue to put their lives on the line everyday, in conflicts around the globe.

Besides the write up in the New York Times, the movie has also been writing up in Deadline magazine, which praised the special effects, including the incredibly detailed special effects, as well as the incredible acting skills of Stephen Lang who was able to play each of the eight different soldiers with the depth of emotion and variety of character needed to give the film the depth that it needs.

Showings of Beyond Glory the Film

Beyond Glory is an incredible film as evidenced by the rave reviews and the numerous awards, including the Special Prize for Best Acting from the Phoenix Film Festival. This prestigious award is giving every year at the festival by the judges to the best actor or actress in a feature film. The Phoenix Film Festival is a prestigious weeklong film festival held every year in Phoenix, AR and has screened the best independent film productions for the last several years.

In addition to appearing at the Phoenix Film Festival, Beyond Glory has also appeared at Tallgrass, FilmColumbia, and Cinema on the Bayou. Since appearing on the film festival circuit the critically acclaimed, award winning film has been picked up by Gravitas for distribution. It is set to appear on a variety of platforms in the fall, where it will reach the widest possible audience.


Spondylolisthesis Surgery vs. Non-Surgical Treatments

Spondylolisthesis DiagnosisSpondylolisthesis is defined as being a condition where the vertebra within your spine slip forward and out of place. This can occur anywhere along the entire length of the spine. In some cases, Spondylolisthesis may not cause any symptoms at all.

However, some people may experience leg and back pain which can range from mild to severe. Many different kinds of spondylolisthesis can affect people, however the most common forms of spondylolisthesis are spondylotic and degenerative. The type may impact the form of treatment, whether surgical or non-surgical.

Spondylotic Spondylolisthesis

As mentioned before, even though there are several different types of spondylolisthesis that affect adults, spondylotic cases one of the most common forms. This occurs when one of the bones in the lower back breaks and causes a vertebra to slip forward. In most cases, the fracture occurs during the adolescence years and typically goes unnoticed until adulthood. As such, spondylotic spondylolisthesis is most commonly seen in middle-age men.

Degenerative Spondylolisthesis

As we grow older, typical wear and tear that goes hand-in-hand with aging causes changes in the spine. In some instances, intervertebral disk gradually becomes dryer and weaker. As such, they lose height, eventually become stiff and bulge. This type of degeneration is defined as being the beginning stages of degenerative spondylolisthesis or (DS).

Symptoms & Diagnosis of Spondylolisthesis

Diagnosis Of SpondylolisthesisSome of the most common symptoms of spondylolisthesis include low back pain. In some instances the pain may even spread across the lower back and feel like a muscle strain. The condition itself also causes various muscle spasms in the hamstrings muscles which can cause an individual to walk with short strides or to walk with their knees slightly bent.

When it comes to diagnosing Spondylolisthesis, an X-ray can be conducted on the lower back to determine if the vertebra is out of place. In most cases a medical examiner will use a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) or computed tomography (CT) to produce detailed images of the spine. These kinds of scans can be utilized by the medical examiner to clearly see the nerves as well as the bones that are associated with the spine.

Treatment of Spondylolisthesis

The treatment of spondylolisthesis can involve either surgical or non-surgical intervention. Below we discuss both options for spondylolisthesis treatment. Spondylolisthesis Surgery Treatment

Spondylolisthesis Surgery

Spondylolisthesis surgery treatment consists of removing built up pressure and spinal fusions. When it comes to removing pressure, it consists of opening the spinal canal. This procedure itself is defined as being a laminextomy. Spinal fusion itself is defined as being a welding process. The general idea is to fuse the displaced vertebrae back together so that they can heal into a single, solid bone. The fusion process itself takes several months before the bone is able to become solid again.

Non-Surgical Treatment of Spondylolisthesis

It’s worth noting that, while surgical treatment can help to repair the slippage that’s associated with this condition, nonsurgical treatment options do not repair the slippage and can only relieve a patient’s symptom.

  • Medication – Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medicines and analgesics can help to alleviate pain.
  • Physical Therapy & Exercise – This entails the utilization of specific exercises which can help to stretch and strengthen the abdominal and lower back muscles.
  • Steroid Injections – This entails the utilization of cortisone injections which are applied around the nerves or in the epidural space which can help to alleviate pain as well as to decrease swelling.

To learn more about Spondylolisthesis, including conditions, treatment options, and other information, visit the Back Pain Center at WebMD.com.


Where to Shop for Unique Women’s Cycling Clothing on the Web?

unique cycling jerseys womenIf you are a female cyclist, then you probably understand out difficult it can be to find comfortable and functional cycling clothing that fits. Further, it’s even harder to find such form-fitting cycling clothing in unique and fashionable styles that truly resonate with your personality and preferences.

This post is intended to give you a head-start on where to shop for unique women’s cycling clothing on the web. We’ve found three online stores that offer stunning selections of unique cycling clothing for women. Each of these stores offer various design collections and creative styles, combined with exceptional quality cycling clothing designed with both performance and comfort in mind.

1. Retro2Ride.com

If you are looking for unique cycling clothing for women, then Retro2Ride.com is one of the best websites worth visiting. Retro2Ride.com offers a number of beautiful and elegant cycling jerseys that you cannot find anywhere else.

monarch classic cycling clothing

Shown here is the Monarch cycling jersey from Retro2Ride.com.

The company’s cycling jerseys are well-tailored for enhanced fit, functionality, and comfort (using premium moisture-wicking material known as Air Pass Pro+). Women’s cycling jerseys from Retro2Ride.com come with outstanding graphic illustration that embody earthy and astronomical undertones, social movements, pop culture icons and historical figures.

Unlike other online stores that offer unique cycling clothing, Retro2Ride.com also offers a six-month warranty for its products. The company stands by its products and continues to design new and unique cycling jerseys for women on a regularly basis. Some of the exclusive women’s products available at Retro2Ride.com include:.

  • Monarch Cycling Jersey
  • Red Rose Cycling Jersey
  • Black Opal Cycling Jersey
  • Filigree Cycling Jersey
  • Rosie the Riveter Cycling Jersey

2. eCyclingStore.com

Recycle Reuse Women's Cycling Jersey

Shown here is the Recycle Reuse women’s cycling jersey from eCyclingStore.com.

eCyclingStore.com is among the well-known online stores for women’s cycling clothing. It sells original, unique, classy, durable, comfortable and quality cycling jerseys. The prices of cycling jerseys from eCyclingStore.com are quite reasonable.

Apart from the price of the cycling jerseys, eCyclingStore.com has focused on designing unique cycling jerseys. This web store also has a connection with top clothing manufacturers that enables them to pick a unique, new cycling jersey before they get into the market. Here are some of unique women’s cycling jerseys from eCyclingStore.com.

  • eCycle Women’s Cap Sleeve Jersey Red Swirl
  • eCycle Women’s Jersey 2 Pack
  • Formaggio Bici la Rose Women’s Cycling Jersey
  • Precaryous Biker Chick Short Sleeve Jersey Lime
  • Recycle Reuse Women’s Cycling Jersey

3. PrimalWear.com

Impression Women's Cycling Jersey

This is the popular Impression Women’s cycling jersey from PrimalWear.com.

PrimalWear.com is a web source that offers you colorful and novelty cycling jerseys for women, which are a combination of functionality and fashion. Cycling jersey from PrimalWear.com enables you to cruise through streets of and town and navigate through mountains comfortably. If you are innovative and want something you created, PrimalWear.com is the right place to be; it can design a customized and unique cycling jersey specifically for you, giving you a stylized look when riding.

PrimalWear.com supplies you with all types of classy cycling jerseys that are unique and characterized by comfort and performance as you cycle your bike. Here are collections of women’s cycling jerseys from uniqueness and flare that offer uniqueness and flare.

  • Rideon Women’s Cycling Jersey
  • Kismet Women’s Cycling Jersey
  • Clean Slate Women’s Cycling Jersey
  • Impression Women’s Cycling Jersey

Seemingly, there are many online stores that offer women cycling jerseys. But, the above online stores are the best places to buy your cycling jersey if you want to get a classy jersey that is combinations of functionality and fashion for comfortable rides.


An Inside Look at Beyond Glory the Film

As the story’s latest rendition, Beyond Glory has been crafted into a performance documentary film that’s turning many heads in the indie film community and war film genre. Starring Stephen Lang, the the film Beyond Glory has been screening in theaters and film festivals across the U.S.

The story originates from the book, Beyond Glory, a best-selling war chronicle written by Larry Smith. The producers of the film have set out to live up to readers’ expectations as well as the veterans who endured similar experiences as told in the film. Beyond Glory Stephen Lang Film

You may have come across this formidable playwright/actor, Stephen Lang, best known for his appearances in movies like Avatar and Gettysburg. The award-winning actor takes things to a new level as he brings eight different Medal of Honor recipients to life in this compelling one-man show.

So what is all the commotion surrounding the film Beyond Glory? Let’s take an inside look at this epic, edge-of-the-seat performance documentary film.

The Talent Behind the Film

As the backbone behind the work, Stephen Lang delivers an exceptional performance in the film Beyond Glory. The actor also happens to be a co-writer and manages to pull off a stellar performance serving a multi-character role in the film. Lang embodies eight heroes from World War II, Vietnam, and Korea as accurately and passionately as possible. As a result, Beyond Glory already received a wealth of attention throughout the film community as a whole.

The Emmy Award winner, Gary Sinise, narrates the film, adding a layer of authenticity and enthusiasm to the film. The film’s director, Larry Brand of 8180 Films, exercises his skills to combine two art forms (cinema and theater) into one. The two forms inform and support each other very well in Beyond Glory. With all these heavy-hitters coming aboard, the film has received noteworthy praise from several respected names in the film industry.

The Background of Beyond Glory

The film’s plot tells us the story of eight Medal of Honor soldiers who took part in the Korean War, World War II, and the Vietnam War. However, this compelling film not just another movie that glorifies these wars. But rather it tells a story of the human survival and perseverance in a dramatic performance documentary that centers on actual accounts during these historic battles.

Larry Smith, the author of the book, discovered that these soldiers were from different parts of the globe, but their stories were much the same. At the core, they are all just human beings trying to preserve their dignity. In its very essence, Beyond Glory inspires viewers by showcasing these legendary veterans who were part of some of the most significant turning points in American history.


Top 10 Men’s Classic Cycling Jerseys for Summer of 2016

Classic cycling jerseys are simple in design but advanced in their performance for riding wear. If you search the web for classic cycling jerseys for men, you will find out that there are hundreds of options. For this reason, we’ve done the work and research for you.

If you’re looking for a new and original bike jersey for warm weather riding, below is our run-down of the top 10 men’s classic cycling jerseys this summer.classic-cycling-jersey-1

1. DHB Blok Micro-Short Sleeve Men’s Jersey

This jersey is a great warm weather option, especially for cyclist who cycle for long hours. The fabric of this jersey is of high quality and it naturally wicks moisture from your body, while protecting your skin from strong sun UV rays. The DHB Micro-short Sleeve Men Jersey is is one of the most popular classic cycling jerseys for men as it has one of the highest ratings on SPF and UPF. Unlike other brands that make lightweight and loose jersey, the DHB Micro-short sleeve men jersey is manufactured with high density fabric materials that protect your skin from harmful UV rays. Get it at wiggle.com.classic-cycling-jersey-2

2. Endura Men’s Singletrack Lite SS Jersey

The Endura Men jerseys doesn’t seem to offer a lot when looked at with naked eyes. This classic jerseys has a lot to offer to cyclist who love their cycling career and sports. The jersey performs well and offers impressive sweat wicking properties and a comfortable fit. Get it at endurasport.com.classic-cycling-jersey-3

3. Conquest Men’s Cycle-wear Performance 2

The conquest men classical jersey is an excellent jersey that is made from several different types of fabric materials. This jersey is ideal for windy weather condition since it reduces drag when someone is cycling at high speeds. The textured surface of the jersey does not stick to your skin when you become sweaty and this helps you to stay stress free all the time. Get it at conquestcyclewear.com.classic-cycling-jersey-4

4. Castelli Entrata 2

This is one of the most highly priced men jerseys. Its made with 3D fabrics which help to keep the skin dry and cooler during summer and extremely hot days. The jersey is made in a way that allows it to spread moisture and keep the skin cooler. Get it at castelli-cycling.com.classic-cycling-jersey-5

5. 1965 Ciclo Cross Men’s Short Sleeve Jersey

This jersey embraces and celebrates the rigors of the world Ciclo Cross Championship that took part in 1965. The jersey is made up of high quality fabrics that helps to keep the cyclist cooler during summer and bad weather. Get it at retro2ride.com.classic-cycling-jersey-6

6. The Paris Roubaix Men’s Jersey

This classic jersey commemorates the former french professional cycling team that was active from the year 1906 to around 1955. The team won several tours to France and it was operated by Alcyon, a french motorcycle and bicycle manufacturer. The Paris Roubaix short sleeve classic jersey comes with ultrasoft euro mesh fabrics that offer maximum comfort during hot days. Get it at stolengoat.com.

7. Adidas Adistar CD. 03 Men’s Jersey

The Adidas Adistar CD. 03 Men Jersey comes with sleek time trial suit fit that help cyclist to achieve aerodynamic capabilities efficiently. It comes with neat designs and finishes. The rubberized bobbles on the bottom of the jersey helps to keep the jersey in place while the concealed zip helps to reduce drag. Get it at adidasspecialtysports.co.uk.

8. Le-Coq Sportif Ultra-light Men’s Jersey

This highly priced jerseys offer a lot of features and extra designs. The Le-Coq Sportif Ultra-light Men Jersey comes with small zipped pockets that can be used to carry accessories and small bicycle parts such as valves. The mesh paneling on the front side of the jersey makes it light weight while a hole on the back side of the jersey provides a channel for headphone cables if you need some music when cycling. Get it at lecoqsportif.com.classic-cycling-jersey-9

9. Dannyshane Genova 2

This amazing classic jersey offers premium features such as anti-static, durable fabrics, odor resistant and softness that cannot be matched with any other jersey. The Dannyshane Genova 2 is a great option for many styles for riders. Get it at dannyshane.com.classic-cycling-jersey-10

10. Ashmei Merino Men’s Carbon Cycling Jersey

This jersey performs very well on summer and hot days. Its lightweight fabrics helps to keep one cool and relaxed. If you want a jersey that will help to keep you dry when you sweat too much, then consider having the Ashmei Merino Men Carbon Cycling Jersey. Get it at ashmei.com.