Key Considerations When Investing in Truck Weight Scales

When investing in a truck weight scale, it important to look at all options, details, and considerations that goes into such expensive weighing equipment. Truck weight scales, whether used for weighing loads or entire trucks, are often a crucial part of a business’s operations. truck weight scale

For many companies, establishing seamless weighing operations and increasing the level of productivity will depend on the accuracy and dependability of the truck scale being used. Here are some tips you should take into account when investing in truck weight scales

1. Weighing Capacity & Other Important Features

Not all truck weigh scales are made equal. Make sure that your weighing needs will be met with the scale you are looking forward to buying. Also, make sure that it will fit in the space you have planned for it.

truck scale capacityThere are specific types of truck scales, such as the pit mounted weighbridge truck scales, which will take less space than others such as those that are mounted above ground. What are the length, width, and weight of the vehicles you will be weighing?

Make sure your scale will have enough resistance and size to meet your weighing requirements. Also, have into account your future needs. Will you be adapting your services to serve heavier vehicles in the long-term? If this is the case, you will be better off by investing on a bigger scale right from the start. This way you won’t have to replace the whole system when this happens.

2. Portability & Ease of Operations

The second key consideration refers to how easy to use will a specific scale be. Have in mind that there may be many trucks waiting in line at some point of the day so you want to ensure a great service. In case other types of vehicles such as forklifts, front loaders, etc. will be weighed also, you will have to choose a scale that will easily weigh those too.

portable truck scale weighing carrying case

It’s possible that you may want to take your scale from one place to another for either maintenance or if you are simply moving. Making sure your scale can easily be dismounted and installed is very important.

3. In-motion Weighing Capabilities

Do you find dynamic truck scales more beneficial than static scales in your particular case? weigh-in-motion devices also known as dynamic scales can measure the weight of vehicle without needing it to stop. This creates a more efficient weighing process. Most companies see dynamic truck weighing scales beneficial since they save both time and money.

Another benefit of weigh in-motion truck scales is that it will give more truthful results – given the fact that people with overweight trucks may avoid passing their vehicle through a static scale. On the downside, dynamic truck scales are usually less accurate than their static counterparts and you won’t be able to collect info on the truck itself such as year model, origin, destination, etc.truck scale software

4. Weighing Terminal and Software Integration

Does the truck scale come equipped with (or able to be integrated with) a weighing terminal and software integration? These two components are necessary in order to ensure control over all data including productivity and profitability information.

Weighing terminals that are convenient and easy to use will also provide you with hassle-free transactions. This is especially important for farmers and agricultural producers that need to track the weight of crop and harvest loads, while factoring-in moisture levels. For these specialized applications, AgWeigh’s ag scales and harvest management software solutions are some of the best in the industry.

5. Calibration & Support Services truck scale calibration support

Along with buying a high quality product, you should also ensure that the company you will be buying a truck scale from offers excellent post-sale service. Lifetime support should be sought. Regular maintenance practices are also welcomed and highly expert technicians should be available for your calibration requirements.


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