5 Types of SnowEx Salt Spreaders for All Walks of Life

snowex truck bed mounted spreaders Self-explanatory in their very nature, salt spreaders are devices that are used to distribute varying amounts of salt to areas that are covered with ice and snow to promote melting. This makes roads, parking lots, sidewalks, and other areas safer and more accessible for pedestrians and drivers.

One of top brands in the industry, SnowEx salt spreaders come in a variety of styles and types ranging from the simple walk-behinds to the truck bed models. The type of SnowEx salt spreader you choose really depends on your needs and budget. Below we review the five primary models of SnowEx salt spreaders for all walks of life.

Walk Behind Spreader  walk snowex spreader

This piece of machinery is ideal for individuals who would like to safeguard small sidewalks. The walk behind salt spreaders are the perfect fit size and shape for this type of project. While spreading salt from this particular spreader is not automated like other types, the walk-behinds can easily fit into the smaller spaces and can finish off the edges near your garage doors as well as front doors, ensuring that your family and friends can come and go safely. They usually carry around two cubic feet of rock salt.

Truck Bed Mounted Spreadertruck bed spreader snowex

Truck bed mounted spreaders are considered to be one of the most popular products models for individuals who are contractors and ice control and commercial snow professionals. This is because the truck bed mounts come in various sizes and configurations. They can be used for almost any application, and when you need to make repairs, it’s easy to find replacement SnowEx salt spreader parts for this product type.

Tailgate Spreader

Tailgate spreaders work best for parking lots and driveways that need to be salted as a follow up to their regular plowing. These types of spreaders are versatile and come in a large range of sizes. They can hold four to eight cubic feet of rock salt. The tailgate configurations are perfect for the back of half ton to one ton pickups.

Dump Box Spreader dump box spreader snowex

While tailgates are designed for a large range of applications and vehicles dump box spreaders can be converted into storage for spreadable material. The dump box salt spreaders are primarily designed for uses on flat bed trucks, but in some cases like the image to the right, SnowEx dump box spreaders can be integrated on other forms of equipment. Their sizes range from 3 cubic yards to 4.5 cubic yards. These are great for large commercial jobs-especially if you are a professional contractor.

Tow-behind Spreader

Tow-behind spreaders feature two wheels and can be towed by virtually any vehicle that has standard two-inch trailer hitches. They are most suitable for high-volume projects on two-lane roads as well as private areas like multi-level garages, large parking lots and university campuses. They are controlled by wired remote controls from the driver’s seats. Most of these units offer around 3,000 pound rock salt capacity.

As you can see, finding the perfect spreader just depends on your specific needs. Because SnowEx is a prolific brand in the industry, it’s easy to shop for replacement SnowEx spreader parts to keep your spreader working strong for many years. Each is designed for different purposes. However, if you are mindful of their sizes and the job you need done, you can easily find the perfect piece of equipment for you.


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