An Inside Look at Beyond Glory the Film

As the story’s latest rendition, Beyond Glory has been crafted into a performance documentary film that’s turning many heads in the indie film community and war film genre. Starring Stephen Lang, the the film Beyond Glory has been screening in theaters and film festivals across the U.S.

The story originates from the book, Beyond Glory, a best-selling war chronicle written by Larry Smith. The producers of the film have set out to live up to readers’ expectations as well as the veterans who endured similar experiences as told in the film. Beyond Glory Stephen Lang Film

You may have come across this formidable playwright/actor, Stephen Lang, best known for his appearances in movies like Avatar and Gettysburg. The award-winning actor takes things to a new level as he brings eight different Medal of Honor recipients to life in this compelling one-man show.

So what is all the commotion surrounding the film Beyond Glory? Let’s take an inside look at this epic, edge-of-the-seat performance documentary film.

The Talent Behind the Film

As the backbone behind the work, Stephen Lang delivers an exceptional performance in the film Beyond Glory. The actor also happens to be a co-writer and manages to pull off a stellar performance serving a multi-character role in the film. Lang embodies eight heroes from World War II, Vietnam, and Korea as accurately and passionately as possible. As a result, Beyond Glory already received a wealth of attention throughout the film community as a whole.

The Emmy Award winner, Gary Sinise, narrates the film, adding a layer of authenticity and enthusiasm to the film. The film’s director, Larry Brand of 8180 Films, exercises his skills to combine two art forms (cinema and theater) into one. The two forms inform and support each other very well in Beyond Glory. With all these heavy-hitters coming aboard, the film has received noteworthy praise from several respected names in the film industry.

The Background of Beyond Glory

The film’s plot tells us the story of eight Medal of Honor soldiers who took part in the Korean War, World War II, and the Vietnam War. However, this compelling film not just another movie that glorifies these wars. But rather it tells a story of the human survival and perseverance in a dramatic performance documentary that centers on actual accounts during these historic battles.

Larry Smith, the author of the book, discovered that these soldiers were from different parts of the globe, but their stories were much the same. At the core, they are all just human beings trying to preserve their dignity. In its very essence, Beyond Glory inspires viewers by showcasing these legendary veterans who were part of some of the most significant turning points in American history.


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