Stephen Langs Film “Beyond Glory” Gets Rave Reviews

In a nutshell, Beyond Glory is the amazing story of eight Medal of Honor recipients and how they earned this distinct military award. Beyond Glory provides an inside look into the military lives of each of these eight men and the courage and perseverance put forth to receive such an honor.

The Incredible Story Behind the FilmĀ Beyond Glory Stephen Lang Film

The story Beyond Glory, which is now a major motion picture that has achieved numerous awards and accolades, first began as a nonfiction book by Larry Smith. He compiled the information and histories of these soldiers and what events led to them earning the prestigious award.

Before being made into a movie, the story was adapted into a one man play by Stephen Lang, where it received attention and critical acclaim, including a write-up in the New York Times.

Stephen Lang, along with director Larry Brand, actor Gary Sinise, and executive producer James Cameron, have brought this extraordinary play to the big screen. They have created a beautiful masterpiece that honors the stories of these eight Medal of Honor winners and teaches the world what it is like to put your life on the line for your country and the people you served with.

Accolade of the Film Beyond Glory

Stephen Lang’s film Beyond Glory received a glowing recommendation full of accolades printed by the New York Times about the touring one man play, which appeared at military bases and theaters around the country, including the prestigious Goodman Theatre in Chicago, and the Flea Theater in New York City.

The movie also has received numerous awards and accolades since it was released. The Times, in it its glowing article, said that Beyond Glory gave audiences an insight into the hardships that members of the armed services must face when they serve their country, particularly during times of war. It is an especially important lesson to remember as men and women in the armed services continue to put their lives on the line everyday, in conflicts around the globe.

Besides the write up in the New York Times, the movie has also been writing up in Deadline magazine, which praised the special effects, including the incredibly detailed special effects, as well as the incredible acting skills of Stephen Lang who was able to play each of the eight different soldiers with the depth of emotion and variety of character needed to give the film the depth that it needs.

Showings of Beyond Glory the Film

Beyond Glory is an incredible film as evidenced by the rave reviews and the numerous awards, including the Special Prize for Best Acting from the Phoenix Film Festival. This prestigious award is giving every year at the festival by the judges to the best actor or actress in a feature film. The Phoenix Film Festival is a prestigious weeklong film festival held every year in Phoenix, AR and has screened the best independent film productions for the last several years.

In addition to appearing at the Phoenix Film Festival, Beyond Glory has also appeared at Tallgrass, FilmColumbia, and Cinema on the Bayou. Since appearing on the film festival circuit the critically acclaimed, award winning film has been picked up by Gravitas for distribution. It is set to appear on a variety of platforms in the fall, where it will reach the widest possible audience.


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