Top 10 Men’s Classic Cycling Jerseys for Summer of 2016

Classic cycling jerseys are simple in design but advanced in their performance for riding wear. If you search the web for classic cycling jerseys for men, you will find out that there are hundreds of options. For this reason, we’ve done the work and research for you.

If you’re looking for a new and original bike jersey for warm weather riding, below is our run-down of the top 10 men’s classic cycling jerseys this summer.classic-cycling-jersey-1

1. DHB Blok Micro-Short Sleeve Men’s Jersey

This jersey is a great warm weather option, especially for cyclist who cycle for long hours. The fabric of this jersey is of high quality and it naturally wicks moisture from your body, while protecting your skin from strong sun UV rays. The DHB Micro-short Sleeve Men Jersey is is one of the most popular classic cycling jerseys for men as it has one of the highest ratings on SPF and UPF. Unlike other brands that make lightweight and loose jersey, the DHB Micro-short sleeve men jersey is manufactured with high density fabric materials that protect your skin from harmful UV rays. Get it at wiggle.com.classic-cycling-jersey-2

2. Endura Men’s Singletrack Lite SS Jersey

The Endura Men jerseys doesn’t seem to offer a lot when looked at with naked eyes. This classic jerseys has a lot to offer to cyclist who love their cycling career and sports. The jersey performs well and offers impressive sweat wicking properties and a comfortable fit. Get it at endurasport.com.classic-cycling-jersey-3

3. Conquest Men’s Cycle-wear Performance 2

The conquest men classical jersey is an excellent jersey that is made from several different types of fabric materials. This jersey is ideal for windy weather condition since it reduces drag when someone is cycling at high speeds. The textured surface of the jersey does not stick to your skin when you become sweaty and this helps you to stay stress free all the time. Get it at conquestcyclewear.com.classic-cycling-jersey-4

4. Castelli Entrata 2

This is one of the most highly priced men jerseys. Its made with 3D fabrics which help to keep the skin dry and cooler during summer and extremely hot days. The jersey is made in a way that allows it to spread moisture and keep the skin cooler. Get it at castelli-cycling.com.classic-cycling-jersey-5

5. 1965 Ciclo Cross Men’s Short Sleeve Jersey

This jersey embraces and celebrates the rigors of the world Ciclo Cross Championship that took part in 1965. The jersey is made up of high quality fabrics that helps to keep the cyclist cooler during summer and bad weather. Get it at retro2ride.com.classic-cycling-jersey-6

6. The Paris Roubaix Men’s Jersey

This classic jersey commemorates the former french professional cycling team that was active from the year 1906 to around 1955. The team won several tours to France and it was operated by Alcyon, a french motorcycle and bicycle manufacturer. The Paris Roubaix short sleeve classic jersey comes with ultrasoft euro mesh fabrics that offer maximum comfort during hot days. Get it at stolengoat.com.

7. Adidas Adistar CD. 03 Men’s Jersey

The Adidas Adistar CD. 03 Men Jersey comes with sleek time trial suit fit that help cyclist to achieve aerodynamic capabilities efficiently. It comes with neat designs and finishes. The rubberized bobbles on the bottom of the jersey helps to keep the jersey in place while the concealed zip helps to reduce drag. Get it at adidasspecialtysports.co.uk.

8. Le-Coq Sportif Ultra-light Men’s Jersey

This highly priced jerseys offer a lot of features and extra designs. The Le-Coq Sportif Ultra-light Men Jersey comes with small zipped pockets that can be used to carry accessories and small bicycle parts such as valves. The mesh paneling on the front side of the jersey makes it light weight while a hole on the back side of the jersey provides a channel for headphone cables if you need some music when cycling. Get it at lecoqsportif.com.classic-cycling-jersey-9

9. Dannyshane Genova 2

This amazing classic jersey offers premium features such as anti-static, durable fabrics, odor resistant and softness that cannot be matched with any other jersey. The Dannyshane Genova 2 is a great option for many styles for riders. Get it at dannyshane.com.classic-cycling-jersey-10

10. Ashmei Merino Men’s Carbon Cycling Jersey

This jersey performs very well on summer and hot days. Its lightweight fabrics helps to keep one cool and relaxed. If you want a jersey that will help to keep you dry when you sweat too much, then consider having the Ashmei Merino Men Carbon Cycling Jersey. Get it at ashmei.com.


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