Top 3 Most Advanced Home Security Systems of 2016

Home Security Systems 2016The most advanced home security systems really have a proven record in homes protection and their valuable contents. Unluckily, many people don’t just address their home security until it is late — after they have had a break-in already. In fact, according to a FBI report, less than 2 million burglaries were reported in 2013, leading to losses of roughly $4.5 billion.

Homes that have been equipped with effective home security alarm systems have shown to be 300% less likely to be broken into. To take the full advantage of this strong deterrent effect, please read on to explore the top 3 most-advanced home security systems of 2016.

  • Frontpoint Home Security
  • LifeShield Home Security
  • LiveWatch Security

Frontpoint Home Security

Frontpoint is regularly ranked as a leading home security system. They really boast 100% cellular and wireless technology and highly-rated GE equipment for security, and Do It Yourself installation guidelines.

With Frontpoint, you can easily by yourself set up the system, which save you from handling costly and inconvenient expert installation appointments. This will means that as you move, the security system of your home can easily move with you — it’s entirely portable.

Frontpoint also among the providers of few home-security monitoring that really goes beyond flood, fire, and detection of carbon-monoxide by including a service which can detect if there is a break in the natural-gas line. They as well have the capability to connect a maximum of 39 sensors and also your mobile device, thereby bringing the security and safety of your home into your hand. Their website is frontpoint.com.


LifeShield ranks in the industry among the fastest response times for security monitoring. They have now partnered with DirecTV and also connected to a particular monitoring station with an Internet (broadband connection). They give DIY or expert installation based on your availability, ability, or needs.

It goes beyond some other security systems by giving extra layers of backup in case your power goes out or even when your home phone line is being disabled:

  • Broadband Internet connection: In case of an emergency situation, LifeShield will connect to the monitoring center in just seconds by using your broadband connection.
  • Cellular Network: Here, you can use an in- built cellular connection as an extra protection layer.
  • Land Line Phone: It connects through a landline also in case your cellular and/or connection goes down for a while.
  • Battery Backup: You will be alerted whenever you have low battery, and the battery will really keep the alarm system online for a maximum of 24 hours after the power goes down.

LifeShield gives another unique feature which offers local crime and also data alerts so that you can make an informed decision regarding your level of security coverage for your home. Their website is lifeshield.com.


In 2002, LiveWatch was created with the goal of making your home security affordable and easy without sacrificing any quality. They offer truly customizable security for your home and are able to keep costs low by giving DIY set up and avoiding additional hardware.

If you are concerned about the DIY set up, do not be. A LiveWatch technician will always remain on the phone to talk you through the entire process. After the completion of installation, they’ll also run live tests on your system to make sure it’s correctly working. Their website is livewatch.com.

If you’re interested in alternative security systems for your home, as well as security monitoring solutions, check out:

Seico Security
132 Court Street
Pekin, IL 61554



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