The 3 Global Leaders of On-board Scale Technology

Many different companies across various industries spanning from agriculture to mining know the importance of accurate and reliable weighing scales. Although there are many types of scales available, on-board scales are some of the most dependable and efficient truck scales available. on board truck scales

These scales may work slightly differently depending on the vehicle or equipment application (i.e. wheel loader, conveyor, etc.,) but the technology used in most on-board weighing systems is the same. On-board scales use load cell technology that’s integrated on the actual vehicle or equipment, providing a built-in weighing system that can provide weight measurements anytime a load is applied.

Most on-board weigh scales use a signal that is transmitted to a monitor or weighing terminal to give the weight metrics of the vehicle’s load. These scales work using a combination of load cell technology and pressure readings from air suspension equipment. The reading that is sent to the monitor determines the weight of the load that is placed on the axis of the truck.

Trusted Names in On-board Weighing Systems

Onboard truck scales have been around for a while now, and so many companies produce them. However, it is important to buy yours from a reputable company so as to make sure that you get a high-quality scale. The following are the three global leaders of the on-board scale technology.

1. Applied Weighing International Limited

Applied Weighing International has been in business for the last two decades, and it has slowly grown into one of the leading supplier and manufacturer of weighing equipment and load cells in the UK. Aside from on-board scales, Applied Weighing International also manufactures and supplies other industrial weighing application, and they are also certified to produce ATEX Products.

Why choose on-board scales from Applied Weighing International?

  • The company has been in the business long enough to know that every clients’ need is unique, and so they will always strive to give you an innovative solution that conforms to your needs.
  • Compared to other companies, their on-board scales are cheaper. Add this to the money that the accuracy of these scales will save you and you have yourself the perfect scale.
  • Aside from giving you a tailor made solution this company has plenty of scales for you to choose from depending on your type of truck.

2. PFREUNDT On-Board on board scales

If you are looking to buy an on-board scale from a reputable company in the industry, then you should turn to PFREUNDT. This company has branches in the top countries in Europe, and it also has a well-established distribution network that makes it possible to deliver this scale to any part of the world.

Why choose on-board scales from PFREUNDT?

  • This company has an installation team that will ensure that you receive a quality service and that the scale is properly installed.
  • They have an onsite calibration service for Germany and neighboring countries customers. This service will help you save a lot of time and some money.
  • In case, you have some trouble with the scales that you buy they will offer you fast and qualified consultation.

3. RDS Technology

RDS Technology has been operational for more than 40 years now, and it has always tried to make weighing simpler through the use of electronic devices. Today this company specializes in the production and distribution of on-board measuring scales and other closely related equipment. As an industry leader in the USA and globally, RDS Technology is always coming up with innovations to make their on-board truck scale technology more efficient and accurate.

Why choose on-board scales from RDS Technology?

  • This company has a solution for you no matter what your needs may be. Whether you want an on-board scale for a simple application like use in one truck, or a fleet of trucks RDS has a solution for you.
  • It has a global presence meaning you can access their products and services from any part of the world.
  • Aside from giving you a quality scale that suits your needs they have an excellent customer service that will make sure you are always satisfied.

While all on-board weighing systems might appear to be similar in nature, certain producers offer various features that provide unique advantages and benefits in the field. Be sure to research which suppliers and there products offer the most appropriate on-board scale system for your specific application.


The Pettibon System: The Evolution of Comprehensive Chiropractic Care

For a more in-depth and comprehensive approach to spinal correction, many chiropractors and chiropractic wellness centers utilize a revolutionary treatment called the Pettibon System which helps them to quickly and effectively help their patients while also imbuing them with the required knowledge to help themselves. This system was devised by Burl R. Pettibon in 1981 and is now a comprehensive rehabilitation program for the spine’s soft and hard tissues.Pettibon System

Not everybody wants, or is ready for this type of specialized chiropractic care, which may involve up to 20 minutes a day of home care, but it’s documentable results are truly eye opening. It’s possible now to obtain a low back spinal improvement in just three to four week period with the help of this more intensive method.

The Pettibon System Foundation

Through meticulous comparison and evaluation to thoroughly researched biomechanical norms, a truly global postural and spine strengthening care plan can now be tailor made for each and every patient. These personalized chiropractic programs are specifically designed to restore, as closely as possible, your spinal form and function. This ensures an amazing decrease in the related pain and symptoms, as well as much better ability to prevent disc, spine and nerve related issues.

Chiropractors and practitioners of this form of chiropractic care view your spine as a closed kinetic system which is made up of soft and hard tissues. The soft tissues-discs, muscles, and ligaments-firmly hold the spine upright in its optimal position for efficient function relative to gravity, while moving it seamlessly through its expected range of motions. In the Pettibon System, the spinal correction has to involve the entire spine rather than just one vertebrae or segment.

According to physiology, our nervous system sends our five righting reflexes continuously to skull. With sensory input it receives from these five righting reflexes, our nervous system and its organizing energy continuously organizes and re-organizes the posture and lower spine into displaced or aligned positions in order to keep the skull upright.

For more information or to find a Pettibon System practitioner, visit this Berkeley chiropractor’s website to learn more.

How Chiropractic Practitioners Apply This System?

Pettibon chiropractic system calls for re-alignment of the spine so that it can function optimally when it is in upright position relative to gravity. This is achieved flawlessly with the patented Pettibon weighting system (coupled with standard chiropractic care like spinal adjustments.)

Pettibon Weighting SystemThe Pettibon chiropractic system consists of specially designed shoulder, head, and hip weights that patient has to wear. The amount of the weights and their placement depends upon the final spinal displacement that needs to be corrected. Continuously wearing these weights corrects the pelvis center of mass and heads thoracic cage, causing certain righting reflexes to quickly send out the right sensory input for spine correction to the central nervous system.

These weights also force weak postural muscles to continuously perform various isometric exercises, restoring muscle endurance, strength, and balance. This results in a much stronger body which is accustomed to holding its corrected posture with reduced irritation to nerves, discs, ligaments, muscles and joints.

In order to perfectly balance the body to weights, the innate organizing energy of the nervous system causes some spinal muscles to contract and some to relax, thereby repositioning and correcting the posture and spine relative to gravity. In addition, the weights also compel the involved muscles to do some isometric exercises necessary to restore their endurance, balance, and strength.


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What To Look For In Ironman Triathlon Coaches

Competing in or even just completing an Ironman triathlon is a task that involves more than you the triathlete running on the track from the start line to the finish line. You need a coach and not any coach but the right coach who will give you motivation, constructive criticism and expert knowledge on how to go about an Ironman triathlon triathlon race. So, how do you choose one?

ironman triathlon coaches

When searching for Ironman triathlon coaches, there are several qualities that should come into play which will dictate whether your coach will be a success or disaster on your side. Generally, you need to look at the interpersonal skills of the coach, his training schedule and how flexible it is, experience, how close he/she is to you in terms of location and whether he/she has the passion for the job. Let’s first have a look at the most cardinal quality you should look out for.

1. Good interpersonal skills

The relationship between a triathlon coach and a triathlete is what majorly determines success or failure. A good triathlon coach should be one who you will be able to trust his/her knowledge base and judgment, openly and positively take a feedback from your coach and he/she should also positively and openly take a training feedback from you.

Good Ironman triathlon coaches should also be able to build your mental muscles apart from your physical muscles. This implies that the coach should offer you some form of motivation that will keep your training and racing morale high; eventually leading to splendid results in the long run.

2. Easily accessible

Location is a key factor to look at. With the advent of technology, and the inception of social networking, the distance between the triathlon coach and the triathlete has been increased from tens of miles to thousands of miles. For example, an individual in Michigan would mostly like search more local triathlon coaches in Michigan. Whilst now, these athletes can get the same (or similar) level of triathlon coaching on the web.

Most triathlon coaching nowadays is done online using platforms such as Skype, Google+. and email, leaving a few athletes to the old-fashioned one on one interaction with their coaches on-site. However, despite online training being effective in Ironman triathlon training, getting a coach who is within your vicinity and can attend training sessions in person is better.

A local triathlon coach will be in a better position to evaluate your training progress mainly because he/she can see your body language during training and make assessments from his/her observations. However, whether you choose to do online training or the conventional one-on-one training, it is important that your coach is available regularly for feedback so that he/she can analyze your progress and create better training plans for you.

3. Success history and expertise in Ironman coaching

When getting an Ironman triathlon coach it is good to look at his/her work experience. How many triathletes has he/she worked with and what results did his/her clients get? If you are a seasoned triathlete who has been in Ironman triathlon for quite a number of seasons and you want a change in coaching which will take you to the next level, it will be in good faith getting a coach who has a —– and his/her clients have had great success stories.

The same applies to someone who is interested in getting a coach who will take an athlete to the top podium in Ironman triathlon. However, if you are a beginner getting into Ironman triathlon for the first time and you want to gain experience before going for the top cream, you will be good enough with a coach who has experience in training beginners. A beginner triathlon coach will be able to take you through the baby steps that will slowly take you to the top of the podium in Ironman triathlon. At the very least, the coach should be holding Level 1 USAT certification and he/she should be a certified personal trainer.

4. Flexibility of his/her triathlon training plans

An effective training is one that is flexible. Your coach should be able to adjust his/her training plan so that it fits your individual needs. You should get to know his/her philosophy concerning adapting a triathlon training program to your needs. As you progressively move in training, he/she should be able to observe your progress and do adjustments to the training program that will ensure that you fit in well and benefit from the training.

A coach who is rigid with his/her program and does not make adjustments that are suitable for you will not get the best out of you. Apart from your progress, your personal life and work life should not be disrupted by your training. A good coach should be willing to understand your daily schedule and draft a training program that will not interfere with other daily activities.

5. Passion as a triathlon coach

A passionate triathlon coach will definitely identify with your Ironman triathlon goals and dreams and will be dedicated to ensuring you achieve them. You can judge his/her passion by getting views from previous clients as well as looking at his/her track record. Good reviews and a good track record will be sure signs that he/she is passionate about coaching and that your success will be his/her success.

Start interviewing your candidate coaches looking for these qualities in them. The one who has it all is the best for you and your Ironman triathlon career.


Types of Computer Viruses That Remote Services Can Work Wonders

computer virus removal services for removalThere’s no denying that the subject of computer viruses is as enigmatic as it is frustrating. And with the advent of online/web-based virus removal service, it became even more confusing. However, to put things into perspective, remote virus removal service is an alternative to conventional virus removal tools and location-based solutions that are geared toward getting rid of malware, spyware and other computer bugs from a remote/offsite location.

With that said, there are several situations that may arise to necessitate the need for a remote virus clean up as opposed to taking your machine to a diagnostic center. Below we provide information as to when remote computer virus removal services will work wonders, and what situations in which they may not do justice.

Situations when remote computer virus removal may not work

Albeit remote or web-based virus clean up services are proving to be very cost-effective and time-saving, sometimes they may be ineffective against advanced or ultra-virulent computer viruses. Virus such as the notorious ILOVEYOU and it’s equally infamous counter SobigF that cripple a computer system’s Internet connectivity capability, can prove to be a hard nut to crack if at all you’re going to rely on remote services.

At the same time, remember that you can only make use of such remote services if you have a stable internet connection. So if you live in an area without proper access to Wi-Fi or travel to places where internet connection is a problem, then you might have to rely on your self-diagnostics skills when it comes to combating worms on your computer.

Convenience of remote virus removal services

Every medium to heavy computer user has at one time or another experienced computer issues when they least expected to. For instance, consider a situation whereby your laptop gets infected with the notorious Internet Trojan Horse as you’re completing an assignment online. If it happens at night or at some other inconvenient time, seeking for help or taking your computer to the nearest tech repair store is often out of question.

In such a case, online or remote computer virus removal service might be your only option. Since, the service will involve a third-party expert technician who will diagnose and repair your infected machine from a remote site, the only thing you might need is a few minutes and a relatively strong internet connection.

Compare this with the conventional method of tinkering with various antivirus software until you obtain a solution, and you will find out that you could save a lot of time via a remote computer virus removal service.

Flexibility and a one-on-one interface

You might have the latest, premium antivirus software installed on your PC, but that won’t stop the some of the most destructive worms such as the infamous My Doom from infecting your system. Nonetheless, a remote computer expert can help you eliminate and clean up such a complex and tenacious worm by accessing some of your system files and studying the replicating mechanism of the virus. This way, they could quickly come up with an efficient and permanent solution and quell the issue of the recurring virus.

In addition, unlike relying on online tutorials and guides, a remote computer virus removal technician can study your system and advise you on better ways to secure your machine from future attacks, based on your individual software architecture.


Breast Augmentation Surgery: When Is It Too Early

There are two major reasons why women go for breast augmentation and breast implants. In most cases breast augmentation is sought for cosmetic purposes and to correct breast irregularities and deformities.

For teens facing the latter in the formation of their breasts, breast augmentation, even before reaching the age of 18 might be the right decision. This might help them feel more confident concerning their bodies among other benefits.

The two most common deformities teens may face in their breasts are:breast augmentation too early

Poland’s Syndrome: This is a genetic disorder where chest muscles are underdeveloped or absent and the corresponding breast is either absent or small. Breast implants may be quite successful in providing cosmetic correction for the condition and is often suitable for teens.

Asymmetry: This is a common condition that several women face. Even though uneven breasts are quite common, when your teen has this condition, you should consult a breast implant surgeon for recommendation. In a number of instances, breast reduction or augmentation is the perfect solution while in other cases; waiting for the breasts to be developed fully is a better option.

Breast Augmentation: When Is It Too Early?

Teenage bodies are still developing. For this reason, it’s not normally suitable to carry out breast augmentation surgery. Most experience breast augmentation surgeons encourage patients to wait till they reach at least the age of 18, probably later, before they seriously consider this type of surgery. It’s significant to provide your body plus emotional health time to develop prior to making some permanent and body changing decision.

breast augmentation surgeon

Consulting with a professional breast augmentation surgeon is the best way to go for young women.

Once you reach the age of 18, majority of breast development has probably happened. When you are not happy with the size of your breasts, it isn’t likely to change dramatically and breast augmentation may be required. One benefit younger patients basically possess are healthy bodies that may reduce the risk of complications, making recovery time both easier and shorter. Teenage patients may also often skip the normally required mammogram, unless there’s very strong breast cancer family history.

Risks of Teen Breast Augmentation

When you ask plastic surgeons concerning getting breast augmentation for your teenage daughter, you’re possibly going to be met with scorn. Basically, not several parents are ready to expose their teenage daughters to the risk of such kind of surgery.

Yes, several medical professionals and breast augmentation surgeons are averse at the idea of getting the surgery too young. However, breast enlargement in teenagers is no riskier than similar procedure for adults. You still have the possibility of scarring or silicon leaking.

The problem which may develop when this operation is carried out is going to be the instance the girl has not yet stopped growing. When the breasts are not developed fully, it might imply having a second operation performed in few years time in order to straighten things out. For majority of girls, their breasts stop growing when they hit the age of 16.


How to Master Your Medical Billing Procedure for Maximized Revenue

The main purpose of a medical billing process is to ensure that all the parties, patients, doctors and the insurance company get paid and properly credited. The medical billing process basically ensures that the doctors are paid either by the patients or the insurance companies. Medical billing

Therefore, these parties should carry out their responsibilities in order for the medical practitioners to be paid and credited for their services. Poor medical billing process can cause the collapse of a medical institution. This is why you should put in place a billing process that is conducive and one that heed to this process. Below are a few tips to take caution of when in the process of improving a medical billing process.

Billing technology

In order to have a medical billing process that is effective and efficient you should learn to embrace technology. Medical billing processes that are successful in ensuring maximum revenue generation are quite equipped technologically.

Medical institutions using updated software for medical billing processes have an upper hand to distinguish claims that are likely to be accepted from those likely to be rejected. This is based on the frequent changes on insurance plan billing rules, Medicaid and Medicare. The best software quality automatically makes updates to the billing process rules depending on the changes in the bill.

Diagnosing of codes

Codes diagnosis is another fundamental issue on medical claim insurance. This process will provide information to the insurance company for explanations of the patient being in the office and if he actually he/she required medical services. In case the diagnosis code is unable to verify that a particular patient required necessary medical services, then the insurance company wills disputes paying for that particular claim.

Basically the procedure codes and diagnosis reveals to the insurance company more information on the diagnosis and the medical services offered. For instance, OB/GYN billing will have different codes and procedures compared to cardiology billing. A medical billing process that understands all process codes and diagnosis will be fundamental to ensuring that all parties perform their duties effectively and that your practice manages medical billing effectively.

Thorough and accurate information collection

In order to ensure that a medical billing process is efficient and effective for maximized revenue, patient’s information should be complete and accurate. Ensuring that patient’s house address, birth dates, phone number and other personal information are accurately collected is a fundamental part of a data collection process.

This information will be used by the insurance company and also act as reference when your claim is denied. The patients also are required to give their Social Security number. This is critical in a situation where unpaid cases are turned to a collection agency.

Timely insurance follow-up

Medical billing collection process is time-consuming, hence to avoid any delays, timely follow-ups should be carried out. Considering that most insurance companies have put in place, some bureaucratic processes to avoid payment can prevent this if you make timely follow-ups.

It is evident that there are many ways which a medical bill process can be made effective and efficient. If your practice cannot afford to outsource medical billing solutions to an agency, the above are a few tips to on making a medical bill better and more productive. In order for a medical institution to ensure it achieves success it should put these tips above into consideration.


Industry-Leading Lawn Mower Manufacturers for 2015

The purchase of a good quality lawn mower is an important long-term investment for both homeowners and landscapers alike. One must be aware of several factors, including the price of each of the lawn mowers, and the type of lawn mowers needed for the job.riding lawn mower

Someone with a smaller yard, for example, may choose a push mower, unless he or she is unable to use one. In that case, there are a large variety of riding lawn mowers available for smaller lawns. Those consumers with bigger lawns might opt for larger riding lawn mowers. But which brands are the best? In this article, we will compare some of the industry-leading lawn mower manufacturers for 2015.

Bush Hog Lawn Mowers

Bush Hog has been making lawn mowers and other lawn products for over 60 years. Bush Hog features lawn mowers which work well for both residential and commercial jobs, making it easy to find replacement Bush Hog parts online as well as at local dealers.

Bush Hog offers the ZT Estate Commercial Series, which has either a 5 or 27 horse power engine, speeds from 0 to 10 miles an hour, and cutting widths of up to 61 inches. Their ZT Estate Series is more of a residential lawn mower, with speeds of up to 8 miles an hour, 20 to 25 horsepower engines, and a cutting width of up to 52 inches. Bush Hog also offers the ZT Professional Series, which can go up to 14 miles an hour and has a cutting width of up to 73 inches with 25 and 27 horsepower engines.

Toro Lawn Mowers & Landscaping Equipment

Toro celebrates its 101st birthday this year, and is considered to be a top supplier of outdoor equipment worldwide. Toro offers many varieties of zero turn lawn mowers, as well as walk power mowers and lawn & garden tractors. Both Toro and Bush Hog offer the chance to “build your own” lawn mowers.

Land Pride Lawn Mowers

Land Pride is one of five divisions of Great Plains Manufacturing, Inc., which was established on April Fool’s Day in 1976. Entrepreneur Roy Applequist founded the company and grew it from a small business to one of the largest land-maintenance manufacturers in the United States. Great Plains also has four other divisions: Great Plains Ag, Great Plains International, Great Plains Acceptance Corporation, and Great Plains Trucking.

Land Pride offers a great selection of zero turn lawn mowers for both residential and commercial needs. Land Pride’s ZST series lawn mowers work well for residential lawns which are smaller and don’t require much horsepower. The ZSR Razor series is great for those home owners who have small lawns but want a bit of power in their lawn mowers. The ZT3 series works well on small farms and businesses.

Husqvarna Land Maintenance Equipment

Husqvarna is one of the largest manufacturers of outdoor equipment in the world. Its headquarters are in Stockholm, Sweden, where watering products, diamond tools, and cutting equipment are also produced. Husqvarna offers many varieties of zero turn lawnmowers, lawn tractors, push mowers, robotic lawn mowers, and articulating riders.

Snapper Lawn Care Equipment

Snapper got its start in McDonough, GA, and grew to become one of the leading manufacturers of lawn care equipment in the United States. The company is best known for its “rear engine” red lawn mowers which can be stood on its end when being repaired. Snapper also claims to have invented the very first lawn mowers which were self-propelled. Snapper offers a huge selection of riding mowers as well as zero turn lawn mowers.

For more information on finding these brands of lawn mowers for sale, visit, Peoria, IL’s trusted destination for lawn mower sales and service.


Load Scanner Lightens the Cost of Payload Management

The latest volumetric load scanner technology has spawned a whole new dimension to the process of payload management. This load scanner technology is one of the best and most practical solutions for those who need to calculate the volume and/or weight of large loads (often haul truck loads, rail car loads, or conveyor belt loads.)

haul truck iron ore load

Volumetric load scanning technology allows users to determine the optimal and accurate load volumes by quickly generating 3D volume images of the vehicle bed. This load scanning system uses latest laser scanning technology and can be put to use in variety of operations, including mining, demolition, construction, and numerous other applications.

What is the Volumetric Load Scanner?

The innovative load scanner system can provide automatic volume calculations of a loaded truck. No wonder this new technology has been touted as one of the best and most cost-effective solutions for many different industries that are currently relying on truck scales to meet their weighing needs.

load scanner unit

The vehicle is driven slowly below a designated scan head. The entire scanning process is automated. Operator works through a touch screen operator console and can monitor the system in real time. There’s a LED message board that displays the load results. With some load scanner systems, like that of, there is also an attached ticket printers which simultaneously prints the load results.

The Technology Behind the Volumetric Load Scanner

Volumetric load scanners work on a relatively new technology that provides users with real time load volumes for vehicles in motion. Initially, the vehicle is scanned empty and this data is stored in the system. Subsequently, the vehicle is scanned again when loaded.

The software then compares the data with that stored on the system when the same vehicle was empty. The system thus calculates the accurate load volume with optimal ease and efficiency. All vehicles that use the load scanner system are fitted with a RFID tag. The drive through speed of these vehicles is very slow and is close to the approximate walking speed of a person.

volumetric load scanner imagery

10 Benefits of the Volumetric Load Scanner

  • The new load scan system provides the most accurate measurement as it eliminates all uncertainties due to compaction, moisture content, and loading variations.
  • Volumetric load scanners have a proven track record of exceptional performance and utmost reliability across wide range of applications under all environmental conditions.
  • The volume load scanner ensures greater speed in the measurement of loads.
  • The load scanner is sturdy and highly durable and can withstand years of continuous operation in construction and mining environments.
  • The 3D volume load scanner is comes with a user friendly touch screen operator console that’s easy to operate. It’s also very reliable and can perform consistently in extreme weather conditions.
  • The load scanner is a great tool in mining and construction operations as it lessens operational costs and enhances productivity.
  • This load scanning system provides accurate 3D imagery for each and every load which allows users to monitor carry back on their entire fleet. This considerably improves operational efficiency and reduces waste of resources.
  • The 3D load images from the system can help manage load position and can also control wastage on account of unwanted spillage. Improper loading also increases equipment fatigue and can cause damage to the truck’s components.
  • The in-motion scanning generates 3D load images that displays both the material density and volume.
  • Fleet optimization and material density assures mining operations to dispatch the load trucks and shovels easily. This definitely enhances overall productivity.

The volumetric load scanner is an invaluable tool for businesses and can help them optimize payload management process and monitor truck loads in real time. Productivity is all about moving maximum material as efficiently as possible. This is made possible by volumetric load scanner.


Business Financial Strategies to Increase Cash Flow

Whether you operate your own professional practice or help run an enterprise-level organization, finances are never easy to dial-in. So in this post, we share some business financial strategies to help increase cash flow and maximize revenue. Let’s jump right in.

Invest in Capital Equipment Wisely

business financialsEquipment are the things a business uses during the course of business, such as a computer to manage inventory and cash flow, or the ball point pens used by the secretary to write phone messages. This equipment adds up quickly and it can destroy a cash flow with ease.

Capital equipment should be purchased wisely and for long term use, which helps with cash flow. Repairs are typically cheaper than an outright purchase, so opt for equipment that is high quality, easy to maintain, and has a good repair network. This will save on expenses that affect cash flow.

Likewise, avoid constant capital equipment purchases. Nothing can ruin a cash flow quite like capital equipment purchases that are unnecessary. Computers quickly become out performed, but this does not mean a new computer should be purchased every year. This needs to be stretched out to the maximum extent possible. Purchase new capital equipment only when the costs of maintenance and the costs of using the equipment exceeds the value. For instance, if a computer becomes too old, it will slow down employee output that is expected to be higher because of new technology. Planning this out is not difficult and can make a positive impact on cash flow.

Pay with Cash When Possible

It is nearly impossible to avoid financing some aspect of a business, but using too much credit too often is devastating to cash flow. Paying the principle and interest on a loan can become onerous, particularly if every aspect of the business depends on financing. To the extent possible, use cash for purchases and payments. Many vendors and services will offer a discount to a business that pays in cash.

If a credit card is used, it is important to use one that has positive benefits to the business. It is also critical that charges on a credit card account are paid off before interest is applied. This can help with purchases that require a credit card, and some do require it, and minimize the potential damaging effects on cash flow. For a list of the best small business credit cards, see this page at

Optimize Billing Practices

Fulfilling customer billings is one of the most challenging yet important aspects of sustaining a solid cash flow for a business. It’s vital to establish sound billing practices that help to ensure timely billing and payment fufillment. This can be increasingly difficult for service providers as well as health and medical organizations.

For example, Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) are community established organizations that offer care to local area at more affordable rates. FQHCs are renowned when it comes to patient billings, as many patients are slow to fulfill their payments. With the help of FQHC billing specialists, the right resources and practices can be put into place to better ensure payments are fulfilled and cash flow keeps coming in.

Invest the Cash on Hand

Every business should have a budget that includes investing cash received from accounts receivable. The investment does not need to be grandiose or involve a broker, which can be expensive in themselves, but rather look to banks that offer interest bearing accounts that have a higher interest rate than a simple checking account. A money market account can be a wise choice for a business, as the investment is not locked up for a period of time like a certificate of deposit account. A money market account typically has a fee for removing cash, but this varies from bank to bank.

Wise and conservative investments on a large portion of the cash on hand will generate positive cash flow. The return on investment will grow as more cash is invested, which is why a budget with this category is a wise move for any business. A return on investment is certainly a cash flow source, so this should not be overlooked.

Make Changes to Payroll

Payroll can be expensive to the point where it becomes drain on any positive cash flow realized. Even if payroll is not outsourced to a contractor, the man hours needed to compute every payroll event is expensive for a business. In this light, reducing payroll burdens is important. Consider switching payroll to 24 events, rather than the 26 events that many businesses utilize. Cutting down on two payroll events can generate a tremendous influx in cash flow. However, it is important to also ensure that payroll is paid according to state and federal law, so consulting with an attorney is wise in this circumstance.

Payroll is one area where technology can truly make or break a cash flow. Payroll software can be tremendously beneficial, or horrid, so careful selection is important here. Likewise, moving from ACH debits into employee’s bank accounts over the traditional paper check has huge savings potential. This can help with keeping a positive cash flow.

Many of the tips that can improve cash flow require a business to be careful when proceeding. In contractual, employee, or debtor situations, a business should consult with it’s attorney to ensure it does not violate the law with its agreements or wind up with a bad contractual agreement that opens it up to lawsuits.

Most of the tips here are routine matters for a competent business law attorney, so it is often worth the expense to consult with one. It is also a good business practice to negotiate with every creditor, vendor, or supplier to help establish depedable billing practices that can help maximize revenue and increase cash flow. Some will freely negotiate and others will not negotiate, but it never hurts to inquire about negotiating. If done correctly, this can make a large impact on cash flow, while cementing good business relations.


Summer Fashion Trends for Women in 2015

The warm Summer season will be here soon, which means there are fashionable trends out there waiting for you to give them a try.

There are lots of chic options for 2015 that are perfect for helping you feel casual, glamorous and even a little professional. Here are some summer fashion trends for women in 2015 that you’ll want to try.


Shirt Dresses

Dresses that resemble a button-down shirt are completely on-trend for this summer. The dresses can be short and flirty or stop at your ankles. Shirt dresses that have slits in the front or on the side are a fun way to show off your toned legs. These summer go-to outfits can be sleeves or have short to medium-length sleeves, and look great with a simple sandal or Oxford shoe.


Yellow Clothing

Clothing in vivid hues, particularly yellow, are just right for celebrating the summer season. The color makes your face and skin look especially bright and toned.

For instance, a yellow trench coat is the perfect finishing touch to a simple outfit of jeans and t-shirt, and a yellow sundress is ideal for brunch with friends or a day of running errands.

Your yellow wardrobe accessories are best paired with nude or black shoes so that the bright color will be the star of the show.

Black & White Clothing

Just as bright shades are on-trend for summer, so is the classic combination of black and white. Shorts sets in these two shades, as well as skirts and dresses, are a great way to achieve an elegant yet upbeat look. You can finish your look with a pair of pointed black heels, or a pair of sandals in white or a shimmery shade of silver or platinum.



Gingham is a pattern that immediately reminds you of a summer picnic. The pattern is seen in summer dresses, button-down shirts and skirts.



Small gingham squares can make you appear slightly slimmer, while larger squares provide you with a curvier look. You can pair your gingham fashion piece with a black or brown sandal, or a blazer in a neutral shade.

Tank Tops

Few things are as relaxing as wearing tank tops in the summer, and they’re making a comeback for the season. These free-flowing tank tops look great with cut-off shorts or a pair of tapered trousers.


Tank tops are available in cotton or polyester for a casual look, or you can wear silk or chiffon tank tops with dress pants or a long skirt for an outfit that is chic and effortless. These tops come in neutral shades like off-white, gray or beige, or you can choose a tank top in a neon or jewel tone. Or you can kick-it-up a notch with vibrant neon tank tops for women.


These loose pants that fall above the ankle provide a carefree look that is indicative of the summer season. Culottes can serve as dress pants and can be worn as slacks for the office.

Or, you can choose culottes in a daring pattern to wear with a denim shirt and flat sandals. The pants also look great with a classic pair of heels, or heeled sandals. Loose blouses and over-sized blazers help to complete the look.