Divot Repair Tool Review: Mark Mender vs. PitchFix

One of the most important tools in maintaining the quality of the green and integrity of your golf etiquette is a divot repair tool. But contrary to what most golfers belief, not all divot repair tools are created equal. ball mark repair tool for divots

For those who are not aware of what a divot is, a divot is a small crater, or ball mark, that is formed in the greens when golf balls strike the surface. A divot repair tool is a sharp double-pointed prong device that is used to fix these divots by providing a flat surface as well as reinstating the composition of the green.

There are various divot repair tools on the market, but for this review, we take a closer look two of the leading ball mark repair tools: the Mark Mender and the PitchFix divot repair tools.

Mark Mender Divot Repair ToolMark Mender Divot Tool

The Mark Mender is a multi-functional divot repair tool that is resilient, robust, and repairs ball marks with ease. In addition to being a divot tool the Mark Mender is also a cigar holder, grip rest and has a magnetic ball marker, making it golf’s only 4-in-1 divot repair tool. It also clips to one’s belt loop for easy access.

best divot repair toolWith just one squeeze, the 2 sets of prongs come together to fix the ball mark by pulling the grass together. Unlike other conventional divot tools, the Mark Mender won’t pull up on the grass from its roots and damage the greens. As a result, it does not impact the color or dexterity of the grass, but instead, leaves the green in prime condition for putting.

With fluidity and ease, the Mark Mender fixes the golf greens within seconds, leaving it looking like new. It is easy to use because of its quick grip and four prong design, which makes it easy to restore the greens the right way.

You can also customize the Mark Mender with any unique design. Whether for a promotional item, tournament giveaway, or golf gift, get custom divot repair tools by visiting MarkMender.com. You can also get wholesale pricing on divot tools in bulk.

PitchFix Divot Repair Tool

divot repair tool pitchfixThe PitchFix divot tool is lightweight and is made of aluminum sheets covered with rubberized grip. It has a removable ball marker that is attached by a magnet. It is easy to use it for repairs without leaving any damage on the green. Its head has three pins with a small diameter accurately positioned on an imaginary circle for optimal performance. It comes with a pitchfix which is a removable magnetic ball marker that is used for communication and branding.

It has a bright pop of color at the base which gives it an aesthetic appeal. The rubber area is soft on touch but provides a firm grip. It has a swivel that pops out three metal pins when rotated either to the right or left. The pins are sturdy and sharp and easily slide into the damaged green. The tool is relatively cheap and comes in various colors which are all bold and bright.

Mark Mender vs. PitchFix Divot Repair Tool

Although both divot repair tools are affordable, the PitchFix is slightly cheaper than Mark Mender. The PitchFix is also lighter weight. However, these features don’t necessarily make the PitchFix divot tool our choice. divot tool pitchfix

Conversely, the Mark Mender’s design is focused more on functionality and sturdiness. Both divot repair tools are easy to use, but the Mark Mender is more fun and satisfying to use, leaving no damage on the green. The Mark Mender is also designed for convenience because it can be clipped on the belt for easy access and comes with a cigar holder.

In conclusion, we choose the Mark Mender between these two divot repair tools. It might have a slightly more classic appeal, but the way it works, combined with its multi-purpose functionality makes it a winning choice for us.

Golfers all over the world need proper equipment and gear to improve their experience on the course. But beyond improving their own experience, golfers can go the extra mile by having the proper golf divot repair tool that helps retain the quality of the greens. Both the Mark Mender and the Pitchfix are great options worth considering.


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