Creative Yet Practical Gift Ideas for Athletes & Outdoor Sports

sport gift ideas athletesEvery successful athlete will tell you that the secret behind their success is the right gear. And when you are looking for the perfect gift for your athletic friend, you need to identify a useful item that will actual enhance their overall health and wellness.

To offer some insights, here are five unique and practical gifts for athletes and outdoor sports enthusiasts.

SolRx Sport Sunscreen

People who engage in outdoor activities and endurance sports know very well what it means to experience sunburns. For these individuals, one of the best and most practical gift you can ever give them is an effective sunscreen. But not just any sunscreen. A broad-spectrum sport sunscreen that designed to last for hours under wet conditions.solrx sport sunscreen

SolRx Sport Sunscreen is one of the most popular products used by top athletes around the world. Range from cyclists, surfers to swimmers and volleyball players, SolRx has become a leading brand and is recognized as the best sports sunscreen for athletes. SolRx uses a patented WaterBlock formula that resist water for up to 8 hours which make it perfect for athletes who are constantly exposed to water. It is paraben-free, oil-free and has a high Sun Protection Factor threshold. In addition, it is eco-friendly and does not burn your eyes when you sweat.

Mark Mender Divot Repair Tool

Golfers know that ball marks an divots on the greens can be unsightly, not mention wreak-havoc on surface over time. To fix these ugly marks, you need an effective divot repair tool that can pull the turf together without causing further damage. And that is where the Mark Mender Divot Repair Tool becomes an ideal gift for your golfing friend. divot repair tool mark mender

The Mark Mender is a spring-loaded dual fork divot repair tool which fixes ball marks effectively from the sides. The forks are just the right size to ensure they do not damage the root structure of the grass but long enough to pull the edges in. Since the action is from 2 sides, the fixes are even and uniform.

The proper way to use the forked tool is to draw in the edges from the sides. When used correctly, this divot repair tool does not leave brown spots and the marks will only take a couple of days to heal.

Gaiam Sol Dry Grip Yoga Mat

Do you have a friend who loves yoga? They probably need a good quality yoga mat. The mat is not only great for yoga but also for exercises such as bodyweight workouts, core moves and flexibility work. Though the market is full of yoga mats, Gaiam Sol Dry Grip Yoga Mats stand out from the competition. These mats are made with moisture-wicking material and are highly versatile making them ideal for a wide range of sporting activities.

Rogue Kettlebells Rogue Kettlebells

Kettlebells have become highly popular as they allow fitness enthusiast to combine cardio workout with conventional dumbbell training in a single session. Apart from providing greater power and strength, working out using these devices increases your heart rate and assist you to build endurance. The muscle activation required by typical kettlebell workout means that you burn more calories compared to a normal working out in the weight room.

The Rogue has a wide range of kettlebells (9-pound kettlebells to 203-pound kettlebells) to accommodate the needs of any athlete. This is what make it a perfect gift for your sporty friend. Rogue Kettlebells come in many sizes and some of the best in the industry.

Polar A360 Fitness tracker

The Polar A360 Fitness Tracker is a wrist-based heart rate monitor which make it an ideal gift for fitness enthusiasts. It comes with a sleek, waterproof design, color touchscreen and smart notification features making it a perfect companion for bikers, swimmers and other outdoor athletes. The device offers accurate data on everything ranging from steps to distance and sleep. In addition, it offers athletes a 360-view of daily activities.

Crossrope crossrope gift idea

If you thought jump ropes are for kids, you are missing out on a great workout device. Jump ropes offer a total cardio workout yet they are cheap and easy to carry around. While the basic jumping rope can give you a great cardio workout, the weighted Crossrope goes further by offering a challenging strength workout.

Since it has an interchangeable system, the Crossrope allow you to adjust weight to give you the required challenge for the perfect workout. So, if you know someone who is focused on gaining strength, here is a perfect gift that can help them to achieve natural progression.

Leslie Just Walk 5 Mega Miles

Ok, so this one might be a serious gift idea or a gag gift idea. But the Leslie Just Walk 5 Mega Miles DVD is the real deal. There are times when the weather is just not right for a walk or you do not have enough daylight hours to hit the trails. In such circumstances, Leslie Sansone’s Just Walk 5 Mega Miles video makes for a perfect gift.

The video can play on the iPad, kindle or iPhone and features 5 separate 1-mile intervals. Some intervals have stretch band routines while others include strength training at the end of the walking intervals. All you need is to select the intervals you want to complete depending on your energy levels and the time you intend to spend working out.


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