Wooden Play Kitchens: Ideal Toys for Kids’ Development

Wooden play kitchens are rarely on the top of list for kids toys among parents. However, these wooden play kitchen sets are some of the ideal toys for kids’ development and growth.

Why? Kids Wooden Play Kitchen Sets

Kids wooden play kitchen sets offer a host a benefits. Not only are they made of natural wood (making them safe and free of any chemical-induced plastics full of toxins,) but wooden play kitchens enable children to tap into a deeper level of creative and imaginative play.

Below we go into greater detail about why wooden play kitchen sets are one of the best choices among natural toys for toddlers and young children.

Wooden Play Kitchens Foster Creativity, Imagination, & Cooperation

There’s no question that wooden play kitchens for kids help to foster creativity, imagination, and cooperation during play time. When paired with play kitchen accessories like various pots, pans, cooking utensils, and play food, children can explore their creative side and imagine different dish to create.

There’s also a layer of responsibility that kids can earn with wooden play kitchen sets. For instance, when all the pots and pans are dirty and dinner is done, who is going to do the dishes? Further, kids are prone to share ideas (as well as their creations) with friends and family members. This level of engagement helps to foster cooperation and socialization among children.

Wooden Play Kitchen Sets Are Safe

Kids Wooden Play KitchenThere’s a lot of concern regarding the health and safety among kids’ toys. These concerns often surround plastic and/or imported toys that contain questionable materials and substances that can be potentially harmful for the growth of young children.

With wooden play kitchen sets for kids, your worries can vanish. Shop for wooden play kitchens at Hazelnut Kids where all kids wooden play kitchen sets are made from natural, sustainably-harvested wood. Not only will you protecting the health of you children by purchasing from Hazelnut Kids, but you’ll also be giving back to the environment. Hazelnut Kids donates 1% of all sales to sustainable initiatives, and has one tree planted for every wooden play kitchen purchase.

Quality Over Quantity

Conscious parents are typical good at buying quality toys for kids, and less of them. It’s better to have a few good things that have a meaningful and purposeful impact over a ton of things that barely get used.

Wooden play kitchens can be investment, as most quality sets cost anywhere from $100 upwards to $500, depending on the set. Yet, when you compare that investment to buying several smaller toys that might be forgotten about in a few months, the cost is easily justifiable.

And unlike other wooden toys for children, wooden kitchen sets are timeless and can be passed down from generation to generation. If passing them down to the next generation is not plausible, then let it be known that these types of toys go fast at yard sales.


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