Top 5 Home Automation Systems in Review

Home automation is all about making our homes better and our life more convenient. Home automation systems can provide greater comfort and safety through innovative technology. Today, home automation software and products can make you feel more secure and comfortable while notifying you about what is going on around your home when you’re away. Belkin Home Automation

An intelligent investment in home automation is best made by researching and studying an overview of the different types of home automation systems available. Take into consideration all your options and the technology behind them before deciding on which system to buy.

Home automation systems are available from many sources, including home security providers, home entertainment stores, technology and home automation companies, and big box stores. You can also find them in online stores. An extensive range of systems is available for every budget. We will provide you with a reviews of the top 5 home automation systems available on the market today:

1. Total Control Home Automation System from URC

Total Control is an exciting and innovative Home Automation Solution from URC. Total Control provides homeowners with an inexpensive solution to make their home smarter and more comfortable. Its producer, URC, is a leader in advanced programmable remotes. The Total Control system is their first entry into the whole home smart systems marketplace. URC Home Automation

Some of the capabilities of the Total Control home automation system from URC includes:

  • Audio / Video Control of your home entertainment systems
  • Audio Distribution through amplifiers that can distribute your favorite music simultaneously in up to 32 rooms with at CD quality with zero compression.
  • Lighting & Shade Control
  • Security & Surveillance


The SY994i INSTEON system comes with Dual-Band PLM and allows users to easily connect to other devices. This is a compatible automation controller device that can control more than 1,024 devices. This SY994i model uses the popular Java-based platform and can be easily accessed from any platform and anywhere in the world. ISY994 Home Automation

By entering the IP address into the INSTEON’s user-friendly interface, the user has the possibility to determine which devices are accessible. Once you set your home automation system, the device will send you emails to notify you of any problem. The system can be upgraded in order to control all ZigBee devices. In order to operate the home automation system no computer is required. You can access the system from any Android or Apple mobile device.

3. VeraLite Home Controller

Your home will become safer and smarter with the VeraLite Home Controller. The system comes at an affordable price and there are no contracts or monthly fees. The VeraLite Home Controller can be installed simply and the technology will work for you to control your cameras, lights, door lock alarm systems, thermostats, and more.

Among the key features of the VeraLite Home Controller are included:

    • Access from any device with internet connection and control from anywhere in the world
    • Convenient user interface
    • Video monitoring to stream live video on your smartphone
    • Advanced energy metering capabilities

4. SmartThings Control Your Home Kit

SmartThings Home AutomationThe SmartThings Control Your Home Kit can transform your smartphone into a remote control. With this home automation system you can control and monitor your house temperature, lights, locks, and more. The key features of the SmartThings Control Your Home Kit are:

  • Includes 2 SmartSense Presence Sensors, 2 SmartSense Multi Sensors, the SmartThings Hub, SmartPower Outlet, SmartSense Motion Sensor, and all necessary power cord, Ethernet cable, batteries, and mounting system
  • Get early warnings about smoke, leaks, and carbon monoxide
  • Get notifications when cars, pets, and people come and go
  • No contracts, monthly fees, or installation hassles

5. Belkin WeMo Light Switch

Belkin’s WeMo Light Switch is an application that allows homeowners to control their electronics and lights from anywhere from their iPad or Apple smartphone. The key features of the Belkin WeMo Light Switch are:

  • Works with your existing Wi-Fi router and any iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch, with iOS 5 or higher Works with one-way connection lights
  • Easy to use
  • Expandable with additional WeMo switches

Imagine the joy of being able to turn off or on the lights in your house from anywhere in the world, never stumbling around in the dark again, automatically control the temperature in your home, or monitoring a home security system at a moment’s notice. With a home automation system, all this is possible. There are many home automation systems available on the market today, and it is important to ensure that you purchase the right model for your house.


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