Sieco: A Leader in Bank Security Products & Services

seico bank security products servicesSEICO Security is a company that specializes in providing a wide range of bank security products and individually-tailored services for the design and implementation of security systems for banks, credit unions, and most other forms of financial institutions.

Founded in 1972, the security system company has earned a great deal of experience in the banking security industry. In fact, they are one of the go-to specialists for any banking security needs, not only in SEICO’s local Illinois market, but also throughout the U.S..

SEICO Bank Security Services

SEICO is a security system provider that mostly focuses on product solutions. However, knowing a lot about security products also means knowing about bank security system design and technology implementation. As a result, the company does provide bank security service, and below are the two common services they offer:

Bank Security System Consulting security system consulting

Every bank is different; thus bank security system needs will also be different. Since a one-size-fits all solution is less than optimal, SEICO provides consulting when it comes to the bank’s security system needs. The company can analyze possible weakness of a specific bank and can offer optimal solutions.

Bank Security System Design

SEICO can greatly help in the system design of a bank. Owning several bank security products is not enough if the goal is optimal bank security. Just like a jigsaw puzzle, there is a specific arrangement of the products so the bank can get the most of the security solutions and achieve optimal security.

These are only a few of the many consulting services that SEICO offers, but you might want to know more about their specialty; and that is bank security products.

SEICO Bank Security Products bank AV security systems

Perhaps most prominent in the company’s core functions are SEICO’s offering of advanced bank security products. Spanning from customizable bank vault doors and safes to standard banking equipment like AV systems and safe deposit boxes, SEICO offers a full-spectrum of bank security system products.

ATM Security Systems

SEICO is able to secure an ATM from hold-up systems and intrusions. This is to protect the ATM itself and the bank’s carriers. Furthermore, the company is able to provide a video surveillance system that provides prosecutable information for all of the transactions.

Bank Vault & Safe bank vaults doors security systems

SEICO offers bank safes and vaults, either in standard form or customized. You can even choose a custom color without any extra costs.

License Plate Camera System

SEICO is able to install a new license plate camera capture system. A system designed for drive-up transactions and it adds another layer of security for the bank.

Data Capture

One SEICO security solution that is able to instantaneously link transaction details with video capture. This technology is bent on complying banking regulations, address claims, diminish fraud and deliver superb customer service.

Night Depositories

You can either choose a drive-up or walk-up depository, which are mechanical. As it’s not electrical, the need for service and maintenance is very little, saving the bank some money.

Bank Safety Deposit Box bank security systems equipment

SECIO is able to provide and install a bank safety deposit from all major manufacturers. Furthermore, SEICO installs without destroying the door. This reduces the downtime for the bank safety deposit box.

SEICO is one of the trusted brands in bank security solutions. SEICO offers services such as consulting and system design. However, the company is more known for its products which include, and not limited to ATM security systems, bank vaults & safes, license plate camera systems, data capture, night depositories and bank safety deposit box.

To learn more about SEICO’s impressive display of bank security system products and services, click here. Or contact the company at:

Seico Security
132 Court Street
Pekin, IL 61554


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