Load Scanner Lightens the Cost of Payload Management

The latest volumetric load scanner technology has spawned a whole new dimension to the process of payload management. This load scanner technology is one of the best and most practical solutions for those who need to calculate the volume and/or weight of large loads (often haul truck loads, rail car loads, or conveyor belt loads.)

haul truck iron ore load

Volumetric load scanning technology allows users to determine the optimal and accurate load volumes by quickly generating 3D volume images of the vehicle bed. This load scanning system uses latest laser scanning technology and can be put to use in variety of operations, including mining, demolition, construction, and numerous other applications.

What is the Volumetric Load Scanner?

The innovative load scanner system can provide automatic volume calculations of a loaded truck. No wonder this new technology has been touted as one of the best and most cost-effective solutions for many different industries that are currently relying on truck scales to meet their weighing needs.

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The vehicle is driven slowly below a designated scan head. The entire scanning process is automated. Operator works through a touch screen operator console and can monitor the system in real time. There’s a LED message board that displays the load results. With some load scanner systems, like that of LoadScanner.com, there is also an attached ticket printers which simultaneously prints the load results.

The Technology Behind the Volumetric Load Scanner

Volumetric load scanners work on a relatively new technology that provides users with real time load volumes for vehicles in motion. Initially, the vehicle is scanned empty and this data is stored in the system. Subsequently, the vehicle is scanned again when loaded.

The software then compares the data with that stored on the system when the same vehicle was empty. The system thus calculates the accurate load volume with optimal ease and efficiency. All vehicles that use the load scanner system are fitted with a RFID tag. The drive through speed of these vehicles is very slow and is close to the approximate walking speed of a person.

volumetric load scanner imagery

10 Benefits of the Volumetric Load Scanner

  • The new load scan system provides the most accurate measurement as it eliminates all uncertainties due to compaction, moisture content, and loading variations.
  • Volumetric load scanners have a proven track record of exceptional performance and utmost reliability across wide range of applications under all environmental conditions.
  • The volume load scanner ensures greater speed in the measurement of loads.
  • The load scanner is sturdy and highly durable and can withstand years of continuous operation in construction and mining environments.
  • The 3D volume load scanner is comes with a user friendly touch screen operator console that’s easy to operate. It’s also very reliable and can perform consistently in extreme weather conditions.
  • The load scanner is a great tool in mining and construction operations as it lessens operational costs and enhances productivity.
  • This load scanning system provides accurate 3D imagery for each and every load which allows users to monitor carry back on their entire fleet. This considerably improves operational efficiency and reduces waste of resources.
  • The 3D load images from the system can help manage load position and can also control wastage on account of unwanted spillage. Improper loading also increases equipment fatigue and can cause damage to the truck’s components.
  • The in-motion scanning generates 3D load images that displays both the material density and volume.
  • Fleet optimization and material density assures mining operations to dispatch the load trucks and shovels easily. This definitely enhances overall productivity.

The volumetric load scanner is an invaluable tool for businesses and can help them optimize payload management process and monitor truck loads in real time. Productivity is all about moving maximum material as efficiently as possible. This is made possible by volumetric load scanner.


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