The Best of Befco: Mowers, Tillers, Seeders, & More

Befco dealerBefco is one of the best lawn care companies around. This is thanks to how Befco offers an extensive variety of fine products that are dedicated to giving your lawn that great look that you have always been trying to attain.

Today, Befco has a number of great items that you can use in your lawn to really help you get more out of your space. You can use flail mowers, tillers and seeders from Befco and get all your general preparation needs handled with care.

Befco Flail Mowers

The H40, H70 and H80 Hurricane flail mowers from Befco are popular products that Befco has to offer right now. These are designed to be as accurate as possible when it comes to mowing only the right materials that need to be treated. Finding replacement parts is also easy, as there are a number of online suppliers of Befco blades and replacement components for flail mowers.

These Befco flail mowers come with different belts, blades, and designs that can support an extensive number of mowing widths. You can get up to 100 inches of space mowed at a given time with one of these mowers. This is an effective setup that is easy to use and can be handled without forcing far too much effort into the process of having it ready for your plans.Befco flail mower

Befco Tillers

The Till-Rite tillers from Befco are especially attractive to spot. Available in five different models that range from 16 to 70 horsepower in terms of engine strength, the Till-Rite tillers can work with widths from 42 to 82 inches at a time. These are ideal for use in nurseries, gardens and many other spots where some delicate or fragile plants may be found for decorative or functional use.

Befco tiller

The Befco tillers have heavy duty blades and drive lines that feature slip clutch safety controls. The side-shifting feature especially helps with getting tillers to work in offset or standard positions depending on what the user is trying to attain at a certain time. This makes it very easy for anyone to get different controls adjusted quite well and with the best possible features in mind.

Befco Seeders

There are many different Befco seeders to choose from as well. Befco makes Green-Rite seeder-aerator combo units that can even level and compact soil materials as they go over the spots. A seven cubic foot hopper will especially keep you from bearing with far too much downtime when getting the setup ready for use.

Befco seeder

In fact, the Seed-Rite models of Befco seeders goes even further with the use of several seed drops that are fully guarded by wind so they will not cause seeds to spread into all the wrong places. The sturdy frame and setup of the seeder especially works wonders with keeping a space seeded and prepared the right way, thus giving you more control over the experience of getting such a lawn prepared in accordance with your needs. You can usually find these products at your local lawn mower dealer in Peoria, IL.

Whether you’re looking for a lawn mower of tiller, Befco makes a number of amazing products for lawn maintenance, landscaping, and agriculture. Consider these Befco products when finding ways to get all your general mowing, tilling and seeding needs facilitated. These products are easy to use in many situations and can give you the control that you have always been looking for when getting your lawn to look as great as possible.


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